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For you my love, I hope life is hard.

I hope you’re stunned by the pain, crushed from deceit,

So jolted with anguish it knocks you clean off your feet,

I hope the blare of injustice deafens your ears,

That your eyes are blinded by hordes of your fears,

For you must choke on the bitterest of tears,

And you must endure the cruellest of years,

To believe in your bones t...

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All the world’s ablaze

All the world's ablaze,

Ravaged with unruly plague,

Ancient mother’s wrath,

Tearing us from familiar path,

The gouging towers, concrete skies,

Crumble before our summertime eyes,

Gilded in a nation’s tomb,

All the same from grave to womb,

But hope is a hunger, we must feed,

And courage tends to flourish in hours of need,

For we must scale icy peak,

Although all loo...

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I cried out for my mother,

As I began falling in,

Into the pit with my lover,

Into the churning pool of sin.


The water boiled but ran freezing cold,

We thrashed and screamed for fear of sinking,

Spat Hallelujahs to spurned entities,

He dragged me further under, without even thinking.


But I found solace in his touch, his body,

And the intertwinement of our voice...

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New Year

Discard the ageing twighlight,

Embrace the soothing dawn,

The seduction of change, do not fight,

There's a chance to be re-born.


You see hope glimmering,

Amongst the shards of defeat,

The rays of belief,

Amongst the rain and the sleet.


Mourn no more your weary feet,

Profane is your sorrow and despair

The new year is here to greet,

So surrender to your fut...

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Date night 1

Swallowing the A-Bomb,

I crack myself open,

I resign myself to my fate,

A Kamikaze dinner date,

All to be incensed with feeling,

Nagasaki in my stomach,

Hiroshima in my loins,

My mind is Dresden,

Coventry, Rotterdam,

Utterly annihilated,

For these motions are making me weaker,

I’m ailing Roosevelt,

You’re the man of steel,

With my heart between a hammer and s...

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These violent delights have violent ends,

Come close and kiss me hard again,

Will I stay? It depends,

If after the sacred act,

I can stay upon my back,

Nestled in an unknown arm,

and tell my heart I mean no harm,

For is this sweat or are they my tears?

I've forgotten your name I quietly fear,

But really it doesn't matter,

When you live your life served upon a platter,


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#love #romance #honesty #afraid #queer

The Ship

Here comes my ship,

She roared blissfully,

Steaming in on a golden sea,

But wait they pray, be what may, 

Girls don't board ships and it should stay that way


Here comes my ship,

She danced with glee,

Sailing in on a pale blue sea,

Stop! They spray, don't go that way!

Good girls should stay, darling what will your parents say?


Here comes my ship,

She clapp...

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#womenequalityfeminismwomens rights

Zena - Part 1

Fireman’s daughter,

Holy water,

Village fete,



Stained leather,

Birds of a feather,

Accosted bride,

Harvey ride.


Bloody post,

A mother’s ghost,

Crime doesn’t pay,


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#poetry #age #grandmother #life

You Ain't One of Us!

entry picture

You ain’t one of us!

You don’t speak our language; you don’t accept our rites,

You love going to school, you’re never in fights,

You’re a fanny, a minge, a shame to the blood,

You don’t act or do what a gypsy lad should.


You ain’t one of us!

You love the gorja; you call them your friends,

The bairns of bobbies, where does your loyalty lie in the end?

You want to leave ...

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