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erotic agape

This gushing of love from my eyes

At the dark-haired mug of the stepped-in passenger

Ugly like a dark night with no moon

Dirty with paint and with a grin

Of pain and tiredness and incomprehension.

Love gushes through eyes and pores

Of my skin, leaking out of any orifice

At the reticent hard reality of a train car,

The suited and tied clerk fingering

His phone oblivious o...

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'I am open to the possibility' you said,

'of love with you, at least I was,

then something happened which drove me quite mad.'


Love is not a possibility

a stranger at the door

you may invite inside

if fancy takes you;


Love is not a beggar

after a bowl of soup

which you can refuse

if your day’s been rough;


Love is not a tree in the garden

which you...

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