A Memory of Millions

The way the soft wind moved the dust to the field and kept it there sitting

The way the summer sun was setting and hit the dust just right in that open field

It glowed; bright; gold

Everything had to be perfect for it to look how it did

Now the sun has moved and the wind didn’t blow it right and it wasn’t the same

The chance I had to see that perfection was one in a million, but it happened

I saw it, I lived it, it touched me, changed me, now here I am still looking for it, but its gone

Like everything else it leaves, changes, moves on

But here I stay gripping tight to my past, not letting it go

But the force of time is stronger, and my grip is slipping

Cant see whats in front of me cause my eyes only see whats behind

Whats left for me in this world?

Is all the good gone?

Summers over, the memory’s done

I should know that by now

But Im still holding on

Begging and praying for it again

When I finally do lose grip, ill fall to the ground

Cause I have nothing else to hold on to

But maybe I already have

Maybe Im now standing up, brushing off the dust, bruises healing up

Cause time heals everything

But time ends it all too

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