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Waltzing towards my grave

Lost in life's serenade 
I stood frenzied on my toes,
surmising a glorious dance with death.
Spellbound by his dark sight,
I gently slid my hand into his.
Our feet swayed on the path unknown,
enthralled by the rapture of the moonlit gloom.
All cleared their way for us,
dazzled by our performance well honed.
Rising in my euphoric existence,
when my being was overjoyed;
Descending back in...

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life and death

Why would it matter

Would it matter, would it matter at all
if one more life withers and falls?
Perhaps it would, perhaps it would not
if one more life ended now or later.
But if not, why roll that tongue to
condemn the already dead as weakling?
Never did you stand in their shoes
so proclaiming a self taught prejudice is your shameful act.
Why feel offended if truth be told
with words pinching like needles t...

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life and death

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