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Slow fog

A sad entry.

Sadness in blogs. 

Overwhelms the theme. 

I wait for the wave to carry me forward. 

I sink into the sea.

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Whispers into sheets

They are beside me.
The best place where I want them to be. 
To stay in this place... 
To rest. 

It fleets.
It sails. 
"I love you higher than the moon! " I hear. 
And taste the cold air.

I think of you,
and we seem far.
Will I see you for dinner tonight? 
Perhaps you brought that pipe. 
You know, the sherlock one with a fancy kettle lid for its ...

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Five Roses

Oh... so that WAS YOU, slipping out, to pour yourself a shot of Five Roses?
Earlier I had stroked my son's silky hair until he fell asleep. 
His tiny body,
Molded to my leg and soundly dreaming.
Earlier I self combusted over crumpets.
I laid on my horn for passing geese.
A shout from the hillside!
Over here! Over here! Go north you silly hens!

...OH.... so that WAS you? 
I heard fumblin...

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Screen play

Woo that burns. 
Sip on it. 
Slowly slides past your teeth. 
Bitter, numbing comfort, that gives you indigestion. 
On top of those pills.
It also leaves you raped of yourself each time you let it drive.
My stuck-up high school friend once told me that. 
Now I'm a lawyer, a banker, a doctor, a baker.
Now and then she posts photos on Facebook  of cakes, children, families gleaming in God's...

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