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Starr Steele on love and other drugs (Wed, 7 May 2014 01:28 am)

Night time thoughts

I like being on the road it's jus something about the sound of the car tires and all the lights especially at night and when stores are closed the streets are clear it all empties my mind from any and everything far or near but nothing as near and dear like you to my heart from the lips you speak from the ears I start to listen to your words of wisdom ooh how I love love love that sweet sweet swee...

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case of the ex

You are hurting my heart... I just wanted you to love me the same way that I love you but you Dont care... I look at you with compassion and tenderness while you just sit and stare. I want to hold your hand I want to give you a kiss on the lips I want to wrap my arms around your neck while you hold on to my hips I want to make love to you no I don't want to just have sex I want to be with you but ...

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New year New me

New year new me so I thought all these changes I wanna make from the lessons I was taught I realize that new year new me is just a statement to get the new year started it's nothing more than a phrase to use when you and last year have parted so why wait til new years to make a big change why wait a year to cut bad habits and people who act strange why wait to apply for a job or do even greater th...

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A Queen

a queen the title that every woman has on this earth we are all queens and need to realize how much we are truely worth as queens we must rule everything that we own we can not allow strangers to sit upon our mighty thrones like a queen bee we control the population like a queen should we can handle any tough situation like a queen would we have the final say like a queen does reach out to her pe...

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love and other drugs

You are a drug and I am addicted to you You make me harm myself that makes you drug abuse When I inject you into my veins My high drives me damn near insane When I snort you through my nose Only the lord knows where it goes but When I break you down and roll you up inhale two times then take a puff? I get drifted away into thinking you can't harm me but as much I take you in sweet drug its...

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