Poetry of the Apocalypse

The Last Days of Decadence

The oil is running out

The world we know is ending

We're having a party

In the last days of decadence

The last days of oil


It was never going to last forever

And now it's dwindling away

Our comfortable lifestyles will soon be no more

In the last days of decadence

The last days of oil


No saviour can rescue us

As our world crumbles around us

Collapsing into anarchy

In the last days of decadence

The last days of oil


Our energy is burning up

Supplies are running low

We can't sustain our mad consumption

In the last days of decadence

The last days of oil


No more strawberries from Chile

No more petrol for our cars

We must grow our own food and work our land

For the oil is running out

The world we know is ending

In the last days of decadence

The last days of oil



War – fighting unseen, unknowable

Relentless enemies

Natives protecting their resources and land -

Is the continuation of politics (by other means) -

Declaring war

Uneasy diplomatic negotiations

Backroom deals

Securing power bases

Ensuring trade

Is the continuation of economics (by other means) -

Corruption and bonuses,

Making a profit

Establishing goods and services

Is the continuation of energy -

Man mastering his surroundings,



Air -

The need to live


London is a Shanty Town

With shacks that line the streets

Climate refugees squabbling for space,

Clothes and scraps of food

The Gherkin is an apartment block

For squatters

Fleeing the heat of the centrelands

People barter and trade in their huts

Others gambling for a quick buck

To take their minds off the squalor

In Buckingham Palace, the Royals cower

Waiting for the Great Unwashed

To burst the floodgates

And drown them


It's Not Easy Being Green

Cars - what on earth were they?

Horse-drawn carriages are the order of the day

A nation used to TV dinners

Finds it exhausting with farming and growing

Society in transition

It's not a good position

When the oil has run out

And the air is getting hot

And I'm feeling blue

There's just too much to do

Just to get by

I'm going to die

If I don't eat

Need to grow crops or harvest meat

Need to find a way to stay healthy and clean

But it's just not easy being green


Ice in the Windows

In deepest Scotland

An ice age has set in

Where people receive their electricity

From stalling wind turbines

And faltering oil-powered generators

The people can boil a cup of tea

But not watch television

Rotting silently as ice

Gathers inside their windows

Hell has frozen over



First the banks will fall

Their greed at last outdoing them

Then commerce fails

With no cash to back it up

And no oil to transport goods

Then the political structures fall

As a starved population

Revolts in anarchy

Then the social collapse

As the class barriers

That had separated peoples vanish

When all this happens

Our way of life,

As we know it,



Religion Shall Return

Resources run dry

So people stop believing in life

People stop living

So religion shall return

Offering salvation

As we are punished

For our gluttony

For our sins

And God heaps His wrath

Upon us

Inflicting suffering

But offering hope

For those of us who see the Light

And follow His teachings

On how to live a better life

Suffering in this world

So we go to Heaven

When we pass from it

Living forever in a paradise

In the love of Jesus,

The love of God

Only the love of God can save us

When we fall from grace

And the fates cast us

Back to nature


People Will Survive

I don't know who

I don't know how

But people will survive


When the oil wells run dry

And chaos breaks loose

People will survive


When there is fear and murder

Xenophobia on our streets

People will survive


When our food supplies are rationed

When famine and desperation rule

Somehow, somewhere

People will survive


Groups will form

Communities will grow

People will survive


Individuals will be annihilated

No-one can stand alone

The rugged man will not survive


Our population will fall

Our numbers will be eroded

I don't know who will be deselected

But people will survive


Humans shall evolve

Adapt and endure

Somehow we'll stay alive


I don't know who

I don't know how

But people will survive

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Janet Ramsden

Mon 3rd Jan 2011 11:45

I got a bit lost somewhere in the middle of this because long poems rarely hold my attention.
Having said that i wanted to read so persevered and glad i did.

ps. I agree with Antonionioni in the sense of population growth getting out of hand. Thing is, the whole of the world has got out of hand and it will most likely take drastic changes to improve life generally.
Sometimes we got to strip away everything we think we need then work on keeping what we really need.

Very thought provoking Alain and raises questions to which there are no easy answers :-)

Profile image


Sun 2nd Jan 2011 18:36

Interesting one! It's all sadly necessary though as well as inevitable. We have got out of hand and the preposterousness of unchecked population growth has reached its zenith.

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