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Behind The Facade

Fag breaks out the back,

By overflowing bins.

In those stifling, litter strewn

Rat-runs, never seen by the

Nice folk:

The punters.

A well earned breather from

Minimum wage slavery.

No sinecure here.


Switchback passages twist and turn.

Darkly labyrinthine.




Fire escapes and staircases

Leprous through oxidizatio...

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Holiday Romance

East coast geezers.

Overspill resort towns.

Ten a penny,

Jack the Lads.


Looking for some

'Ow's yer farva,

Behind the arcade

Just for amusement.


Giving it large:

Small-town Lothario.

Quite convincing.

Don't get snared.


He's the hunter.

You are the prey.

The trophy to

Impress his mates.


Says he loves you.


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An Inside Story

I'd never read a book out of choice. Just

At school when I bothered to attend. I

Went in the school library to chat up

The librarian and torment the swots,

While looking up dirty words in the big


                    I never bothered with

Libraries until I was a guest of

Her Majesty. A quiet place to sit

And think, breaking up the tedium of

A l...

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Yorkshire Steel

This memento

Of Sheffield:

I bought it

For you.

Should I leave it here?

Seeing as

It is stuck


In your guts.

Your lifeblood seeping

Onto the cold,

Soiled pavement.

You lie, eviscerated, gurgling.

Helpless as a newborn.



I don't hate you.

I don't even know you.

Or your mum.

Your brothers and sisters

Or any...

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