Yorkshire Steel

This memento

Of Sheffield:

I bought it

For you.

Should I leave it here?

Seeing as

It is stuck


In your guts.

Your lifeblood seeping

Onto the cold,

Soiled pavement.

You lie, eviscerated, gurgling.

Helpless as a newborn.



I don't hate you.

I don't even know you.

Or your mum.

Your brothers and sisters

Or any of your family.

It was nothing personal, man.

It could have been anyone.


From your manor.

You were in the wrong place

At the wrong time.



You know the score.

Because I couldn't

Lose face.

Status and credibility

Are everything.

I didn't want to.

I had no choice.

Without respect,

In this area,

You're nothing.


You look awful.


I think I'd better

Take back that keepsake.

When you've gone.




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Adam Warwicker

Fri 12th Oct 2012 16:20

Thanks Tony. Glad you liked it.

tony sheridan

Wed 10th Oct 2012 10:52

Great piece of work. Take care, Tony.

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Adam Warwicker

Wed 8th Feb 2012 17:44

Thanks, Gareth. I worked hard on this one!

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Gareth Writer-Davies

Tue 7th Feb 2012 22:52

Liking this-great ending. Pause pause "evidence"....

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 30th Jan 2012 01:06

A telling comment on the idiocy (with cunning awareness) of some in our society...all too often reported in contemporary news reports.

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