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Why do I not dream of you?

The ocean grows darker, it's calling too deep

But I build a bastion of love in my sleep 

So why do I not dream of you? 


Why do I not dream of you?

A lawlessness reigns in the unconscious sphere 

It whispers of fragments, a sense that you’re near

So why do I not dream of you? 


Come, now let me dream of you

Let us run freely in worlds w...

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Bold & Silent

I turned the volume down so I could hear you.

Everything is still too loud.

Too many voices, and not the one I needed to hear.

I want to hear.


Mourning that lasted for nine hundred sixty four days.

Salty tears soaked waterlogged greenery.

Droopy head. Droopy leaves.

Pruning a root bound plant



Acclamation felt like dormancy

Dormancy was intense


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Gaza: a father beats the floor in grief

As he feels his son’s last desperate breath.

It seems indecent to say any more,

As when, that evil Saturday morning,

A Holocaust survivor was cut down

During a crimson-coloured bout of rage.

I tell myself: this cannot be the best

That humankind has to offer. One day,

The innocent will inherit the Earth,

The puffball types in unifor...

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There were fireworks tonight

There were fireworks tonight
And each time there was a spark
It reminded me of your heartbeat
You're still lighting up my life everyday 

Every breath I take is harder than the previous
My life is so incomplete without you
It feels like I'm breathing underwater
Where oxygen is scarce until you come back up

I would do anything to have you here with me
Life seems to be getting harder as ...

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A loss of life & words

I lost my Brother, and my poetry went with him

Words replaced by a bottomless hollow

Knowing he has not one more tomorrow 


The words I needed drifted away

Hiding from the light of day

Wallowing in a sea of grey 

The sea, which drowns us all

When someone dear passes away


He liked a drink, and liked a fag

But was the best brother I could have had

'A good looki...

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Erecting her easel
at the foot of the boardwalk
she mixes the paint
a hell-fire pink and crimson
and dips her brush to begin…

She paints
the end of all things
a voice lost to the fractured mind
the final moments of a life
a hand slipping away

She paints
farewell hospital conversations
her father’s beard as a cloud
she thins the blue paint with her tears
She colours in his eyes

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In Love In Angst

Whoever wants to die before his time-

Is not in love. How can it be so true

For someone who has seen


Both sides of the coin from the same distance!

War and peace, no matter -

You can’t afford to be slipped over.


So much to feel within, so much to feel

For, so much to feel genuine.

Yet you look for the end in itself?


Deep intimate theories invading


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retail therapy

I stopped seeing my therapist

she moved on to start her own practice 

So I've started going out more 

eating less 

using useless utilities until I give out

my hands reaching for my purse

my fingers finding the chip



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Friday Morning Chemo Brain

Today at school, I locked myself in the bathroom 

so I could cry where no one could see.


Things aren’t the same anymore and I don’t know 

how to communicate it.


I find myself unable to do the simplest things—

to comprehend, to remember, to articulate 

the things I could before.


This morning, I sat in silence and stretched and breathed in deeply, 

and I said t...

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