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organic satanic tea

blood seeps thick to the roots
burst back out the bamboo shoots
  oozing across the earth
  sullying the dirt
we drench the world in blood
name of a toxic gov
  fighting for a stretch of land
  soldiers march on scarlet sand
they're soaked in the crimson red
mist of men, registered dead
  plasma dripping down the mountain
  running like a fountain
platelets burst from the peak
98.6 de...

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They reach me,


I give them my all,

Yet after that,

They leave me Alone.

They will come back,

Once again, for sure,

With a different face,

A different name,

A new personality,

All along,

And once again,

I will give them my all,

Will they, this time

Stay by my side?

I don't know,

But that's how Trust works,

That's how Life works.


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Let them Think...

Every day,

Travelling through Life,

We encounter Them,

Some, maybe true,

Yet many,



They have,

An ever changing mind,

Facing me,

They call me sweet,

Behind my back?

They say I'm rude,

They call me good,

Then say I'm bad,

They say you're the Best,

And then?



Whatever they want,

Whoever they be,

Let them say,


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Heartbreak. Liesbad friendsChaos Life Judgement mental healthBetrayalsoulfoodsoulmindfulpositivehatefreedomdarkskin

Jaroor koee baat hai?

Hai nahin aasaan phir bhee,
doobana mujhe aa gaya.

beech dariya door hai,
main to kinaare aa gaya.

hain khilaune haath mein.

kyon hai udaas phir bhee vo?
jaroor koee baat hai.

jal raha hai ghar vo usaka,
bas roshanee use dikh rahee.

kya mila hai isako aisa?
kyon yoon muskura raha?

jaroor koee baat hai,
jaroor koee baat hai?

- Jitendra Suryavans...

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Jitendra SuryavanshiDeep Linepoempoetryemotionsdeepdarkmoments


All this world,

Is one big stage,

And we star as mere actors,

In its brilliant plays.

Every face, a pretty smile,

But Is it truly what meets the eye?


"We my dear, are best of friends,

 Joy, or despair, 

 I'll be near.

 Cotton clouds,

 Or coarse sand,

 Side by side,

 Hand in hand.

 One day, at last,

 Harsh winds?

 They'll have to pass." 



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Summer Night

Night has descended on the fields

but a summer night never darkens, only shields               

dreamers from the day's dull hold

as I am wakeful, bedded cold;

                and the trees stretch into the faded sky  


Night has alighted on my mind

but a wakened wraith can only stray, its kind

vanish as summer's dusky night flies on

as I am lost beyond my dream horizo...

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