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August 2022 Collage Poem: The Haze of a Sweet Afternoon


Time to slake our thirst for words

A cerebral circle of wordsmithery

Burying two dozen rats

In your neighbour’s garden

Under their prized rose patch

Whom you’d never liked one night


There’s a rat in the allotment –

What am I going to do?


Don’t worry – every little thing’s all right


So the broken beasts of shadows that speak

A bird, drawn in sand,...

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AfternoonCollage PoemAugustStockport WOLDead Rat

June 2022 Collage Poem: Lost Technologies

Bloodstains on blackboard tick

Down the panicked time

Spontaneous children calling

As a tragic register is taken

Drinking champagne from

Cups for Italian kings


In Sandringham the Queen’s bedside lamp blew

While in the Mariana trench deep down

Harry the Angler fish muttered a frantic phew!

As his lamp came on and he thought fuck it!

Time to go to town!


So ...

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Angler FishSwinging Light bulbStockport WOLJune Collage Poem

March 2022 Collage Poem: The Lost Prophet

Strange handshake, borrower

Plugs into deep sea darkness


John the Baptist turns

On the aluminium kitchen taps

The River Jordan has turned radioactive


Vultures in the gym flex and strain

Through cluttered concrete layers


Vultures pounding dents from floor removed

No electricity in the gym

Nigel talking about milkshakes


The monsters under the bed


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collage poemstockport wollost prophet

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