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Love is Strange

Love is a strange thing isn't it. Many got blessed by the love as it transformed their lives picking them up from bottom and taking them to the heights of the sky. And for some its a curse that only put sorrow and misery in their lives.


Once someone said something very beautiful about love and who loves the most a man or a woman.

By every mistake a man made and woman forgives just adds ...

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Love and Lust | Agonizing Words


From may I come in to
I'm cumming in, we both found love
Playing with each-other all night
Until I convert you in a dove,

We got to know each other and
Kept falling in love like a hell drop.
You got all over me
And sucked me like a loli-pop

As I found you, I broke
All my ties from these hoes
Gave you all I have
And kept these bitches under my toes.

Love is all I have in ...

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The Beacon


She plucked a sunbeam

one fine day

And fashioned it 

in such a way

A lighthouse man

came to say

He thought it would 

keep ships away


He took it with him

in a jar 

And there it shone

bright as a star

And all the ships 

from near and far

Flashed masthead lights

just to say Ta!


And it shone so bright

through storms & rain

A shield a...

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