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Rose Amongst Thorns

Rose amongst thorns,

Show me the way out of this place that we're trapped in

I was searching

before I caught a glimpse of your brilliance.

The perfect distraction

from my journey with no end...

miles of thorn bush with every bend...

How have you flourished in this terrain??

You're vibrant as if to quench my thirst...

how have you seen rain???

Will you be my guide to t...

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hopeless romanticloveRosethorns

Love Like This

Have you known a love like this?

That turns pain into bliss?

That sneaks from out of nowhere and hits

you like a fragrant aroma 

That turns nausea into coma

Floats you into death to roam a

heavenly space?

Tell me you’ve known a face 

That emanates the light of the spirit it encases…

That lures you to be devoured


by a flower 

Tell me, how are 

people t...

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A Shooting Star


I think it's the third twinkle down


In the constellation of Ursa Major

Where she sits

All sparkly with stardust

And cheesy-gobbed from moon food

Gran said that God had came and 

plucked her right off the earth

A car was an odd choice of plucking

But, that's what he chose

With all her beautiful smiley curls of gold

And shimmery eyes of sapphires

I t...

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Children poemslosslove


things used to be simple

lovers dawning undiluted

before he turned up and

left my dreams polluted


I knew she had a history

you sensed it in her eyes

she'd seen many lovers

said a host of goodbyes


hoped she'd seen sense

woken up and matured

that restless streak still

her carnal urges cured


my money she was after

I knew it from the start


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An organised mess,

No train of thought,

Just swirls and swoops, 

Campaign abort 


If ironed and pressed,

A chain no longer, 

Confused and tangled,

But maid of honour


A taste of love,

So now you see,

Instilled in us,

A fantasy


Exchange our hearts, 

Entrusting me,

Through pain feel power,


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Don't let me forget

I am scared I will forget you.
Forget your voice. 
Forget your face. 
Forget your smell. 
Forget each moment. 
I walk on with my heart lodged in my throat. Wondering when it will make me choke. 
But how can I choke on a broken heart?
It's been in pieces since we have been apart. 

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Jumping waves

Just wait with me. Hold my hand? Jump the waves that reach the sand. 
They push me over when I stand alone, I'm not sure I am strong enough on my own. 
When you are here, life isn't so dark and it's a lot less lonely with the warmth of your heart. 
Can you jump these waves with me a little while longer? 
They're easier to stand up against when together we're stronger. 

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On Sunday

I never used to understand
why Jesus wanted to be reborn,
into a world of sinners and saints,
of betrayers and victims
where even the strongest hearts of gold,
would one day taste the cruel pain
of a finite life.

And then one day, I met you,
and my heart that believes no faith,
believed in you,
and I knew,
I’d die a thousand Friday’s
to be reborn to you on Sunday.

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An Ode to the First Times

I wish heaven was that first moment,
an afterlife eternity of first meetings,
a never-ending gaze upon your lips,
and butterflies that never die,
the passing of my heavy shoulders
onto your beating eyelids,
and the brief touching of skin,
that burnt as we pulled away,
a blinking image
of a long road ahead,
and a whisper of goodbye,
that begged to be left unheard,
for we were never trul...

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If it is

Dream tends to realize

If it is purposeful,

Flower tends to be pollinated

If it is honey-rich.




Land tends to be fertile

If it is irrigated,

Water tends to mirror

If it is translucent.


Song tends to be soothing

If it is melodious,

Script tends to be compelling

If it is story-lined.


Air tends to be breathable

If it is oxygenated,


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The trials

The valley of the light equal shadow of truth an love through the darkest moment   
Fear is a great divider and the greatest enemy are through fear of our mind and body 
Let rain cleanse the darkness through the tear of joy and laughter and love  
The fear of love is the admitting to your heart calling   
The love  of fear teaches us to be careful and open-minded to are surrounding through 5 s...

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family poemfriends of the earthkeylovepoetry

First Love

I saw every happiness in your eyes
I wonder what was in your eyes that I blossomed
I was feeling strange
There was a different glow on my face
Thought I'd tell someone
But I don't know what was that feeling
who were you could not forget
Couldn't sleep at night even after trying hard
Surrounded by questions, confusion could not solve the mind
was looking for your eyes
where I saw you befo...

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attractionlovenew love interests


a cough as dead leaves drop

detached with soft faint sigh

last breath of lonely martyrs

murmur of breeze in the sky


gravity's heavier as we age

ancient oaks sad blue eyes

saplings thrust like a lance

a loving that knows no lies


do remember me, I'm here,

did you forget I found you?

like a lost fawn, dappled in

shadowed glades and dew


scoured every ...

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