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The world sides with

The world sides with

Tuesday,18th May 2021

If you show courage

the world shall acknowledge

try to toe your line

and define the future role

if you shed tears

no one shall come forward and try to share

the world is only with the brave

and not with the cowards who behave irresponsibly

if you can force the world

to rewrite the history untold

you shall be called a su...

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So much to learn

So much to learn

Tuesday,18th May 2021


Many things to learn

and to turn

the odd in favour

and lead peacefully with an honour


what is the value of living a life?

no one is expecting torn strife

life goes on

with unfamiliar situation arisen


people believed they are master

and can alter

the world order

but find themselves in disorder


life ...

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Show mercy

 Show mercy

Tuesday,18th May 2021


Oh! mother earth,

how many deaths?

what shall satisfy your thirst?

we have complete trust


what has gone wrong?

what happened to our prayer songs?

why has nature turned cruel?

why things are not doing well?


we fear not deaths

but feel uneasy about breath!

it has become luxury

I feel so sorry


what is the ...

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Time doesn't stop

Time doesn't stop

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

5:59 PM


No discrimination

but fair treatment with equation

walk with the firm steps

stop not if sunsets


if you wait

it shall seal your fate

the clock shall not be taken back

everything shall be at stake


from birth to death

you go on with the same faith

it shall ceaselessly move

to prove its worthiness


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Truth & only truth

Truth & only truth

Sunday,16th May 2021


It is possible

my cries shall go unheard by the people

I shall fall down on earth

but shall not accept the death


even if I am hanged

or exiled

from the mother land

My fight shall be on till an end


truth and only truth

as it needs no proof

even if I have to remain aloof

and become homeless with no rooftop


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Parents-come back

Parents-Come back

Sunday,16th May 2021


Neither we felt botheration

not got any sign

so long as they were alive

and lived up to our expectation


they responded to our need

and paid heed too

we never felt starved

rather stood obliged


it was their future planning

and we went on winning

at each angle

and caused no problems


they had high prai...

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Now & then

Now & then

Sunday,16th May 2021


Now and then

it is always spoken

freedom is not taken

without the blood and sacrifice given


country and people

they have always struggled

shed the blood

and forbidden the food



laid down their lives

who believed

in its sanctity and holiness and thus lived


generations may live

with peace and beli...

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Emotions flow

Emotions flow

Friday,14th May 2021


I go down with emotions

and strive hard for human relation

I find it as the only option

for all the humans


why do people wish more?

and explore

with honesty and dedication

and get full satisfaction


one question rocks the mind

and finds some solution

if the river has finally to meet an ocean

why so much of a st...

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No chains-No cage

No chains-No cage

Friday,14th May 2021


No chains

to cause pain

either to the pet animals

or birds


if we are born free

with the freedom for all

it shall be called cruelty

if we don't treat them well


you might feed them

and looking after too

but the basic concept goes against

God has given us the brain to make best use


how much it pains!


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Love burns inside

 Love burns inside

Friday,14th May 2021


I look at the prepared breakfast

it urges me to take it first

so good looking in the tray

my taste stays in the mouth


the breakfast plate and love

"not far away from my heart", I believe

it makes me strong

and sings a love song


it reminds me of our days together

we glided near

had a warming breath

with so...

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Live life of its own

Live life of its own

Friday,14th may 2021

Create an environment

and present

your views

for all but not for the few

you may have likes

and dislikes

but strike

with positive note and ride over

what do you do for enjoyment?

it becomes necessary when present

for the audience

to take a simple chance

people may take the lead

and read

it with keen interest


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Make literature-memorable

Make literature-Memorable

Thursday 13th May 2021


let cuckoo sing

and bring

melody in the early morning

for all then human beings


we are love starved

and have behaved

so far with no purpose

as it is chosen by us


before it is too late

let us get

to the charm of humanity

and bring it to the knowledge of everybody


let each poems be brought ...

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Eid mubarak

Eid Mubarak

Thursday,13th May 2021


All over the world

an anxiety ends

with  success of the holy month

"Eid Mubarak" to everyone with an internal faith


it has purified your soul

and has also called upon

to follow the true spirit

and greet each other with love and peace


with complete dedication

and with the process of purification

you have purified ...

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Beauty from inside

Beauty inside

Thursday, May 13, 2021

5:42 AM



the subject is very touchy

not outwardly appearance

but internal existence


not the smile alone

but the true and affectionate vision

that invites us to be peaceful and calm

with no intention to harm


the world has realized

and obliged

and not remained caged

with narrow thoughts and paged with...

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Thursday,13th May 2021


Teachers are next to an almighty

who give us an internal vision

to assess the right or wrong

and inspire to remain with peace among


thousands of students pass

with distinction or superclass

it is the education enmass

imparted to the students of any class


no caste, creed or religion

only the worshipping of ...

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Poetry-The path


Poetry- The path

Wednesday,11th May 2021


Poetry is the path of salvation

if that serves the motto of citizens

if that provides nourishment

to the readers at present


it is a taste

that lets

the poisonous material out

and hatred is never talked about


poetry is not a set of heavy use of metaphors

use of hard language that explores nothing

but us...

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Under scorching sun

Under the scorching sun

Tuesday,11th may 2021


You are never gone

some work has to be done

either in young age

or later but failed to manage


no confusion should be kept in mind

but always try to find out

what can be extracted best out of an effort?

before reaching the port!


your soul never dies

but always tries

to be on the top

with work going o...

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Changes are good


Changes are good

Tuesday,11th May 2021


All the changes are good

it is welcome and well understood

sunset and sunrise

it is all there but nothing to surprise


sometimes with the sickness

sometimes with the willingness

the changes become inevitable

and force us to adjust and struggle


life is meant to change

and manage

with the changing circumsta...

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Friendship-true one

friendship-true one

Monday,10th May 2021


Friendship is very dear to me

I feel elated and free

in the environment of healthy conversation

this is how we build up the relation


one shouldn't feel affront

and present

one sided view

it might be shared by few


this is the platform

where you say well informed

about your views and angles

how one should ...

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You become an actual human

You become an actual human

Monday,10th May 2021


You become an actual human

not by showing the noble appearance

but sharing human concern at once

and in readiness to seize the chance


richness by holding palatial mansions

or riding in luxurious saloons

it doesn't help the poor and downtrodden

but you lose credit all of sudden


people want kind words


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For pleasure

For pleasure

Saturday,8th May 2021


I worked very hard

not for praising words

but for the material gain

and maintained the spree


enough of wealth gathered

to be ushered

in happiness with all the luxuries

not to suffer from any miseries


everybody enjoyed in the family

but I forgot the name of an almighty

I wanted to purchase everything

and can br...

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Role of working woman

Role of a working woman

Saturday,8th May 2021


It is out of the question

no to mention

about her role

and not to call upon her to look back


time is never opportune

nothing more could be done

or expected even

she has no time to share the concern


she has to work hard

to bring the children forward

not to face the situation as she does

and reposes t...

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No disrespect-dead

No disrespect-dead

Saturday,8th May 2021


No arguments

in favour or against

it can give honour to dead

our tearful eyes fail to read


what an ill-fate!

we have to witness and relate

not more mourners can attend

and not even friends


such an invisible virus takes a heavy toll

totally paralyzing and calling upon people

to observe strict guidelines


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Marriage anniversary-50th year

Marriage anniversary-50th year

Saturday,8th May 2021


The time is flowing like water

you enjoy it when rain gives you a shower

likewise, life seems beautiful

when you spend the colourful time


forty-seven years of close union

she remained a faithful companion

I miss her when she left three years before for heavenly abode

I bowed down my head]


today, I cel...

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Freedom day-Africa

Freedom day-Africa

Friday,7th May 2021


If I am offered heaven

at the cost of freedom

I shall refuse the proposal

as a proud individual



if used with wisdom

it means "misuse" seldom

it is not to be spoken randomly


freedom means a lot

great wars have been fought

but freedom formula is not comprised

it is a basic urge and not surprised at a...

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My guide

My guide

Friday,7th May 2021


You are my guide

who shall decide

what shall be my ultimate

the course or fate


I have surrendered

and offered

full support

with your help to reach the port


no matter how difficult it might be

I am confident and feel free

that it shall be my choice

to come along with promises


why have I so much trust?

why ...

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Dear I propose

Dear I propose

Friday,7th May 2021


How long I waited?

how many years I dated?

all things remain unrelated

I still not term it "ill-fated'


She was my first choice

even she had promised to be the one

she was close to my heart

but never reacted to love


I waited and waited

and even remained excited

to hear

her whisper


I am going desperate


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Experience & poetry

Experience & poetry

Friday,7th May 2021


Experience doesn't come overnight

no one can write poetry outright

if you have the calibre and vast experience

you can convert into verses and sentences


the soul longs for emitting the poetry

that has come by way of an experience already

it is the way you have felt and inscribed

the poetry from the heart is thus described


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Motherly feeling

Motherly feeling

Thursday,6th May 2021


The children are loved by all

the first arrival of a child is always called lucky

the first baby girl is called a sign of prosperity

this is deliberately chosen by an almighty


mother feels the happiest moment

and proudly presents its existence

in public or private

she has only to count dates


some hidden joy is prev...

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Love & poetry

Love for poetry

Thursday,6th May 2021


The morning sunshine

it defines my role

when I get up from the bed

I am virtually led by her


I have said it often

I am driven by the passion

the passion for writing poetry

she always remains by my side and helps cleverly


What do I dream and write?

I don't know but she ignites

refreshes my memory and delights


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What is mother


What is mother

Thursday,6th May 2021


To know the mother

you have to take second birth here

no one can define her

she is not only a deity but a creator


life would have remained meaningless

if we were not given her smiling face

in any crisis or in the struggle

that is why she holds the position of an angel


besides having a noble soul

she has the p...

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Where are the old days?

Where are the old days?

Wednesday,5th May 2021


life was beautiful and enterprising

with full of zeal and surprising

parents were simple and down to an earth

we rarely watched the people go with death


very calm nature and shining day

that was our way of living

and believing in simplicity

the people love each other with no feeling of inferiority


the schoo...

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Nobility & kindness

Nobility & kindness

Wednesday,5th May 2021



it brings humbleness

the face shines with happiness

you can visibly notice the brightness


no show-off may work

it needs no words

only humble deeds

then it will need no praising words


this quality is cultivated within

the person is unaware and remains of the scene

people take notice of his humblen...

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Parent exiled

Parent exiled

Wednesday,5th May 2021


Oh! God, give me strength

to go at some reasonable strength

and bring back my parent

who is not with me at present


I sincerely regret

the decision to let them

prefer an exit door

that was resented even by the neighbours


i was blinded by material possession

that made me mad with an obsession

the shining of wealt...

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Love spreads fragrance

Love spreads fragrance

Wednesday,5th May 2021


No more tears

I shall bear it silently

without murmuring a word

but shall not draw the verbal sword


you knew it very well

I need not tell

I was all out for your journey

as it was wished by an almighty


I saw you at the public gathering

I got mesmerized and gave an offer

to come along at any time


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Ink your emotions

Ink your emotions

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

4:56 PM


How to take out emotions?

with regard to human relations

mix it with touching wisdom

show it often but exposing seldom


human heart cries

and tries

to overcome shortcomings

and still, act like human beings


great movies move us sentimentally

we wipe our tears unintentionally

as they touch heart chamb...

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The leader

The leader

Monday,3rd May 2021


The leader must have a superficial quality

to serve the country

its people and national interest

to the best of his calibre


not giving false promises

and making deliberate misses

he must choose careful words

and take the country forward


not yielding to outside pressure

and internal wrangling here

he needs to steer th...

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Rain brought smile

Rain brought smile

Monday,3rd May 2021


There was drizzling rain outside

you had decided to remain indoors

waiting for me to appear at the door

feeling little soreness for my absence


years have passed since then

we had really no time to feel heaven

but looked at children

for their safety and education


today's drizzling reminded me

when I was a young a...

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Love supersedes

Love supersedes

Monday,3rd May 2021

love emanates poetry

if love is a gift from an almighty

poetry is another form of divinity

that speaks of love and humanity

love has no parallel

it will swell

if coupled with equal response

with some belonging sense

love has capacity

to remove the enmity

create the fragrance

and spread it at once

love and hate can't go t...

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Allow not to take over

Allow not take over

Sunday,2nd May 2021


when negativity takes over

and loses the shelter of positivity

many things go up and down

the consequences remain known


thoughts creep in mind

and find

the safe refuge

to refuse any good ideas


things look bitter

nothing can be made look better

you have to search inside and break cover

and decide how to ta...

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Thoughts prevail

Thoughts prevail

Sunday,2nd May 2021


If the mirror is a true reflection

thoughts reflect of his inner action

he may have a hostile reaction

but finally, it shall settle with good reception


thoughts are stored in the mind

and find the suitable place

at an appropriate place

to be put and to be faced


thoughts provide proper characterization

and speak ab...

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Save country-save people

Save my people-Country

Sunday,2nd May 2021


Join me in prayers

and offer

your wholehearted support

for the country in short of combating Corona


there is no point in shedding tears

and bearing the pain

we are awaiting good luck

to be struck again


the international community has woken up

to the idea of rushing up supplies

people need oxygen

very m...

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Life is not easy

Life is not easy

Sunday,2nd May 2021


life is not easy as it is thought

you shall be caught

if remain unattended

and always offended the cycle of life


life becomes beautiful

if it comprises wise and fools

the wise can shine

only when his role stands well defined


life doesn't become challenging

if people have no negative or positive feelings


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Nature's wrath

Nature's wrath

Saturday,1st May 2021


The world is facing a natural crisis

we are unaware of any thesis

nature is turning against

to the best interest of humanity


let us understand

and end this logic

nature is playing its card

with the devastating word


we never came across

such human losses

the cyclones and floods were causing

human lives withou...

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Black death rainbow

black death rainbow

Saturday,1st May 2021


It is death rainbow

only black colour is allowed

rest all colours are pushed back

only the lives of people are at stake


we are literally under house arrest

to serve the lockdown at the best

people have not adhered to the social distance

and thus afforded a prison chance


people often ask" why nature has turned ag...

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May day

May day

Saturday,1st May 2021


It is also called labour day

for all workers to remain united and stay

as formidable force

and form a resource for our economy


There was a time

when workers posed a tough time

for any government to think twice

before taking breaking any promises given to labourers


many countries emerged

as an outcome of the worker's revo...

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Ask for an apology

Ask for apology

Saturday,1st May 2021

Offer to play a role

as soothsayers and call upon

all our brethren

to share the concern

wit for the morning to come

and welcome

the first ray from the sun

and start the daily run

ask for an apology

from the almighty

for giving good counsel

not to harm any individual

at the same way

when you are going to stay

in t...

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