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Proza with a twist.

Just the way you move like a dragons death dance

Eyes that let everybody know that you are the upper demon

Dont let us go blind in the hell i helped to create

Embrace the size when it walked the earth

Heaven kept it close to its heart, to out smart its tribes

forgetting who was boss were severely punished

We cant escape, just to settle down for something less.

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 There is a charming little country

it has no sharp stones or huge mountains to obstruct the view

In our heart, we loved this little land.

They even invented the word “HYGGE.”

The reality is quite different, as it turns out to be a den of spies.

they spied on the behalf of the USA; in other Scandinavian countries,

they even bugged the prime Minister of Germany´s p...

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Rather hot today

The golden orb

Has rendered me red

Upon arms & shoulders

And on me fore'ead 🥵


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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

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Words can unite

Words can unite

Monday,31st May 2021


If a sword can kill innocent

the words can heal and present

the actual power they hold

and tell the entire world


if the swinging sword can flash in your eyes

the metaphors and words can try

their utmost to create an influence

and bounce in your mind


words are the best instrument

for any movement

to create an im...

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Neither a way ahead 

Nor a path to tread

Light's not required

As there's no darkness


Confusions are many

Everyone muddled

Messed up situations

Can take step backwards


Awaiting the nod

A BE from only God

For then I will move

When certainty calls


Assumptions and presumptions

Imaginations and stories

These aren't motivating

Consequences face...

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Fine Print

A counterfeit complacency

to ease the bane of being.


Why aim for the firmament when

you've read the fine print?


Inscribed in small type

is the loss that won't be

quantifiable, yet readily



So you lower the sails

in shame, before the

voyage even gets

its say. 

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In Sharp Contrast

In Sharp Contrast


It burst forth like a rapturous applause

to see the field by the river which had been

sprinkled with a saffron down

as buttercups claimed their righful ground

The month of May had arrived

to rejuvenate the landscape which had

lain dormant and bare

Trees once darkened silhouettes against

a grey heavily laden sky

now held a vista of verdant pastur...

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Also by keith jeffries:

Drenched in Duplicity | Another Condition |

Nuttin & Sumpin


you can make sumpin

out of nuttin

or nuttin out of


but you cannot make

nuttin BE sumpin

you have to have


to start with.


-O.L. Buzzerd

(most of my poems amount to nuttin.)



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Even Old Fools Get The Blues

we used to walk in the canyon

talk of a future that never came

gasping at the beauty round us

Selina was one hell of a dame


its a movie playing in my head

just pictures without the sound

a neck-lace of images inside a

cold tomb on hallowed ground


called to New York for a movie

turned your head with ambition

left me doubting your standing

fearing you inten...

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The greatest artist

Rumbles have started growing louder. 
Now there appear bright flashes across the sky; 
Filled with glee, thundering sadistically. 
I admit they appear absolutely splendid to me.
Blue, white, dull grey and yellow.
No one ever says that's a great colour combo.
But is there a sight prettier than the grey clouds
Trying to cover the tints of soft crimson,
That sparkle throughout the infinitude,

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In time

I'll keep marching on

Go on walking 

From dusk to dawn

Holding my head high

Chin up and shoulders back

Running straight into dreams

That destiny has for me


I'll keep trying

This way and that

This one or that one

Something will surely work

Someone will really help

Pulling me out of this well


I'll keep hoping on

Trust the process

It may take lon...

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In this life,

You will face challenges

That seem hopeless

And you'll wonder

If--it can be done

How--it can be done

Why--it should be done

But at the end of the day,

The question is not if

Or how, or why--

The question is:

Will you try?

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dubito ergo sum

all these broken pieces

the foundation has crumbled

and the pieces lay all around me

of what was once my home.


the repairs were insufficient

though my hands are skilled in their craft.

not enough will always be not enough.


now I sit amidst the wreckage

and among all these broken pieces

that for so long I have tried to salvage,

piecing myself back together

as best as I could


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Also by Shehariah:

Separate and Sanitize | the blade |


I am not as strong as they think I am.

I am not who they want me to be.

And I,

I can't be as they need me to be.

All this weight is just pushing me down.

I'm not strong enough.

They don't understand.

Their expectations are so fucking high.

They are waiting for me,

a stupid caterpillar,

to turn in to an amaizing butterfly.

But what they can't see

is that I'm no c...

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Also by mona:

marble | the first kiss |


Slavery equates with knavery -

Who today would argue with that?

Evil is as evil does...

And wears its evil hat.


But every buyer needs a seller...

Market forces in the murk;...

About who was buying and who was selling

Sees one-way forces at work.


Across the world and throughout time

The two have conspired as one,

Without their cruel complicity

The deed cou...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


Jumping The Gun

Just because I've learnt to swim underwater,
Doesn't mean I can live without breathing.
Just because I can walk on the surface,
Doesn't mean I can't slip and start sinking.

If I don't look in the mirror,
Doesn't mean my face has changed.
If I start at the beginning,
Still I have to reach the end.

Just because there is a meaning
Doesn't mean I understand (or know it).
Just because the...

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cold shoulderdepressionhard truthlove's tempestperspectivevaginismus


The yellow suns in your eyes lit our path, revealing the secrets hidden under the gray sky. 

When I was thirsty, blue poured from your tongue into the black bile, and I drank from the river. 

Your skin was a red furnace, a cauldron of warmth prevailing against the brittle wind and melting through my ice.

You pointed to the titanium obelisk on the hilltop. 

We were on a journey to somew...

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i’ll try

i was flying high

because ive let myself dream

i was in the sky

because ive let myself  believe that finding happiness is easy

now im back here 

with myself again 

thinking how did i not know how this will end 

im doing my best

i really am 

its not the time 

not this time 

maybe not ever 

i can deal with that

focus on whats real

ill keep on existing if tha...

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Alone on the mountain

I will go to the mountain alone
to face my fears
now that I know you don't love me either
nor will I be yours
I will slap her on a drunken night
and the people in it
I will go to the mountain alone
alone in black perulin.

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Also by Sanja Atanasovska:

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Turning the Tide

Something magical happened. 

Goosebumps flooded my entire

body, I heard bells, colours were

exploding into vibrancy: suddenly

the prospect of the water was a 

terrifying and drastic inconvenience 

that I had happily avoided. I stood 

and thanked the woman. I didn’t 

want to look at her. I didn’t want 

to remember her, in case I fell in 

love, because then I’d end up b...

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Also by Ferris Ty Taylor:

Speak to Me | Venus as a Monster | Devil's Advocate |

A Forest Fire


There are no firebreaks in prefrontal lobes,

forgetful flames of age rage free

leaping happily they erase, erase, erase


The blank face that once launched a thousand smiles

stares out from nothingness, 

Lost in a cage of bleached white bone.


Whose hands are they that bathe his skin,

That cradle his head to cry?

and a Wife becomes a Mother 


The Man beco...

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Also by Marsha Cool:

Precious Flesh | Book Shelf |


Farewell delicious citrus companion,

For three years we shared our breakfast table,

Breaking the night's fast together as one,

And now, you gone, and I, miserable.


Three-fold were your sweet sunshine hued fruit rinds,

Melded too with sugars from cane filled isles.

Our love connection, forged by taste and mind,

Child of copper-bottomed pot, yielding smiles.


On your...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

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Good Morning Sunshine

Good Morning Sunshine


A ray of light

Warms my body and my heart

A daily reminder 

That we are given an opportunity for a fresh start


In times of disconnection

When living can feel like hell

The sun gives us the same message

Of kindness and of strength; for us to be well


Sun beams wash over us

When the fight is hard

A memoir of a greater presence


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Also by Rasa Kabaila:

My pagan blood | 6 reasons why I can’t sleep with Alexandre |


What is it about our race issues

And hatred towards each other today

It`s the twenty-first century

By now we should have found our way

Is it that our past regression

And all of the supression

Set forth a situation that is here to stay

Always too hard to forgive

When free to be yourself you cannot live

We must strive to get over our past

Forgive but not forget,  for a ...

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Also by J.D. Bardo:

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Once upon a time on an icy hill,

two worlds collide giving jaunty chill,

adventure began with massive curiosity,

but uncomfort remained still.

Round and round and up and down,

were trying to explore the entire town,

amidst this process of fun and pun,

became reason for each other's frown.

And hence its time to depart away,

before it gets deteriorating decay,

without a...

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Scene II

Scene II
Has me frozen
Like a cat
On cold concrete.
It's so awkward
I wish . . . 
I wish I could leave.
But no,
I must stay.
There, now I've 
Done it --
All eyes are on
I'll ask so politely,
Don't listen
To a word I say.
It's so hard
To stand barefoot
In the rain
And try to light this
God-damned cigarette.
I must exit
But I'd really rather
Not go.
And would som...

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Also by D.W. Hamilton:

Mole Hills |

Love Found Us

I found Her She found Me

love found Me love found Her

lost number given She lost mine

coincidental meet up second chance given

I found Her She found Me

enthralled in love the rest history.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

We Remember You | Love Lives Here | Held Accountable |

True love is yours to find

Hippy Shakes

Faded, pegged, denim jeans fashioned by men who’s haberdashery skills were much in doubt

Bright paisley, high necked, tunic styled shirts,

collar as high a a Harry Hill prop


These memories give me the shakes, hippy shakes, like the many songs:  ‘All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey’; Mamas, Papas, flowers, pots, pot and hemp and pipes, the lot


Hip, hep, beatniks, Gree...

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Also by Rick Varden:

Poor Boris | It’s all about Football |


I’ve played in most positions so that being quick and lean

I started off at fullback where I wore the shirt “15”.

I joined the line in their attacks, my kick was like a mule’s,

I tackled like a rhino (sometimes within the rules!)


A surfeit of jam puddings, though, at dinner time would mean

The coaches said that I’d become the fattest back they’d seen;

And fellow team mates o...

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Also by John Coopey:


Chin Chan Chinaman


I can't remember, nobody can,

the names of the actors who played the parts

of Fu Manchu and Charlie Chan

though I do remember David Carradine in Kung Fu,

like the others an unlikely looking Chinaman.


Perhaps this was part of the joke

but it wouldn't be allowed these days

when everything has to be PC

and everyone needs to be woke


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Also by Chameleon:

Emily Vaughan RIP | Boo hoo | ON THE TUBE | Living in a Box | Something of a Loner |

Mr Handbag

Mr Handbag


The cackling sound 

of old led

sat and placed us 

with a person


It echoed out his life

and coughed up

three CD’s


so we sat.


darkness and fingernails

ran out of the room

leaving only me 

with Mr Handbag


his corduroy sweatpants

leaked receipts

covered in syrup

or was it marmite?


my heart began to bleed



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cddeathhandbagsheart attackslife and deathmarmitemusicsweatpantsvansvictims


Lest we forget

Past influences the now 

Now influences the future 

Future influences the now 

Past influences the future 

Take steps with caution but with no regret

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Also by Cody Roach:

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To my ex bestfriend

Dear ex bestfriend,

ever since you left its been really hard,

there is no running through the yard,

but I want to say thank you,

Thank you for inspiring me,

to be better.


Eventhough it broke me into a million pieces when you left,

You made me grow,

be tougher,be better,

I just wish you were here to see me, 

the person I have become today.


You were my once...

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Praise Him From Who All Blessings Flow

I don't know how to describe this day

Tired and sad and shoulders ache

But still moments of sweetness that made it okay

The joy of fixing small, broken things

The joy of my child choosing to read

Tupperware full of a rainbow of veggies

Beer chilled and helping me mellow

The love of my life making me smile

Our hardworking kids making me proud

I'm so grateful for what I ha...

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Also by Collin Pulmano:

Boo | Better | Bullseye | Part | Sir Read. |


 Dreams of a black country infect my sleep
 Ragamuffin babes we cannot keep,
 Everything is black, rotted, gone.
 Everyday I dig down to the bone, 
 To the marrow-black foam on a dead man’s lips 
 black thoughts of the black cancers of the soul.

 No home for me beneath these skeletal trees 
 God isa  black star, in a black mood, afar
 The animals mourn the black earth,
 Conemarra, i...

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A drifter rides into the town,

Soft-spoken and quite roughly dressed;

His smile and manner win him friends,

Three others are far less impressed.


While he relaxes at the bar,

They gather, spoiling for a fight.

The plain folk start to peel away;

This is a match of wrong and right.


He swigs his drink and spins around;

He picks off one from either side.


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Also by Stephen Gospage:

UK Nul Points | First sight | Colours | Bars | What Matters | Detective Stories |

Remembering Windrush

The benevolent sea's new high tide

kindly, aided and abetted

arrivals of our Caribbean brothers and sisters


# coming for to carry them home # 


My Jamaican friend old Benjamin recalls

how along that bow to stern length of quayside

now overlooked by luxury apartment blocks

was in his time of arriving here

crowded with ever so grateful and warmly welcoming

well wi...

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I Was Meant to Love You

I remember you in the morning,
the way the light hit your eyes,
the way your smile matched mine,
the way your fingers grazed over my peaks and valleys,
the way you wandered over my warm skin, inhaling its intoxicating scent.
And I remember the feeling that it was a perfect dream,
one that we never wanted to end
but it slipped away too soon.
And now every time I start to rise in excitemen...

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Also by kimberly:

Let the Music Play |

distant lovelovelove poemlovers


The Universe is full of dreams,

Of what we've done, of what we cherish,

It laughs and cries, it hurts and screams

Within the thoughts, the virtue 'n' blemish...


The Universe is tender, kind,

It's tough and rough - the way we treat it... 

Just keep the clean and sober mind 

To catch the life and firmly keep it.. 


To live each day the utmost fullest, 

To praise t...

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White Striped Echo

"What's the blood from? And please tell the truth
You didn't have those stains before you left for school
You cover your scars but wear the stains with pride"
Would you believe me when I say it's how I feel alive.

Awkward in my own skin but comforted by my blood
I don't even like myself. How can I be someone you love?
Call me a sore loser when I didn't even ask to play
White striped reflect...

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The lust for war
is skin-tight & as hemoglobin to bone--
turning poets into preaching prophets
politicians into potion preachers
children into cheapened chattel
soldiers into senseless slogs
intellectuals into inflated idiots
conservatives to corny connivers
liberals into leaky liars &
the right into the wrong.

simply because war is a blood poison
and war is psychotic chaos,
a f...

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Also by Brian Hodgkinson Jr.:

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human naturesnake bitwarmongers


I escaped my dreams just to 

run right back to reality.

My soul fell right back into 

my unconscious body,

I took a sip of amnesia

rubbing my sleepless eyes.


As I lay there, trying my best 

to remember, the pain of grief 

and emptiness rush into my veins

sending pithy down my prideless

cheeks. Only if I could escape 

reality too.


I can't explain the tw...

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Notes in the night

(for a nightingale)

Tossing in redhot sheets

with two granite pillows,

every sleepless night

he keeps faith and enchants.

Such a silvery crystal song

better performed than any tenor

so many perfect variations.

But no fool he, this minute brown bird,

his lovely lust only let loose

on balmy spring nights.

Never when just cold blackness

filled only by harsh owl shr...

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Planet Mars

Planet Mars

When you close your  beautiful eyes
When you will look above the sky 
Remember which planet is mine
I live on the famous red Mars
A planet which belong to us
The birds will make  the longest flights
The wings  scattering the feathers 
Down  to the Earth we wear leathers
 A long distance traveler was
Say it a poem or a prose

Kiki Materi

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Celebrate unity

For life is all one

Every living thing

Works together

Most don't see it

And won't ever know

But the beauty of life

Does not lie solely in love

But in all emotions

In all of the struggles

We endure pain

And come out stronger 

We feel broken

But we are not

For we are each a piece

To the puzzle

A piece meant to be put back in place


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Also by Eric Berard:

Welcome | Of Flesh and Spirit | Be Here |

The World in Lockdown People's Poem (Merseyside)







A patchwork-style poem written by the people of Merseyside during England's first Coronavirus lockdown 2020




Curated by Barry Woods

Assisted by Michelle Wright





(c) Copyright contributors 2020 (listed at the end)












World in Lockdown


We're earning o...

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Also by Barry Woods:

Liverpool's Capsule of Culture remembers 2020 with the World in Lockdown People's Poem |




     It will not mistake pride for gravitas
when it takes a cloth to the looking glass
but will find one's relation to heaven
simply focusing on what is hidden.

     Because privacy loves...no one need know
one hears the violin court the oboe.
No poem ever brought, or ever will,
mosses from that valley to this stark hill.

     Revealing in whispers -like to madness-
how one disti...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

The Episode Apart | Border | We Wake Up Together | To Known Individuals Who Took, Or Failed To Take, Particular Actions On Particular, Well Documented Occasions. | Merry-Go-Round | Meeting The Day | Lanterns In The Trees | Only The Relevant | Appearances |

Turf Stains

The old stone dwelling, clad

in layered years of whitewash,

squats between farm track and field.

Against the winter-stained gable,

stacked turf leans, waiting.


Feathers of smoke wisp

from the chimney

fills the air with comfort,

and fiery flickers dapple

the open kitchen door.


The warm glow banishes

spring’s twilight chill,

the scent of turf mingling


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