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Recognition universally

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Recognition Universally

Thursday,26th December 2019


Not the wish alone

something more has to be done

yesterday has gone

today only something has to be done


if it was the world of dreamers

many areas may usher

where there won't be any reality

but only frustration and desirability


who will take the responsibility?

and restore the credibility

it has ...

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Imagery world

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Imagery world

Friday,27th December 2019


I only can imagine

and take deep divine

i have nothing special

to dream as an individual


nothing changes even if I wish

and finish

it with my own colors

it gives me satisfaction with an honor


I extend my hand

it is turned down as friend

is this an end ?

has love and affection no positive trend?



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Poetry is an art

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“Poetry is the art" 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

9:32 AM


If you are blessed with truth

You have an ability with proof

That you can write with vision

Without having any confusion


Who can write poem with the ignition of truth?

who can have effective words that can soothe?

the answer is very clear for the poetic skill

it can not emanate from the mind that is il...

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Nature is our savior

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Nature is our savior

Saturday, December 14, 2019

7:54 AM


If one wants to weep

let him keep

the status of isolation

and disregard the human relation


but if one wants to be live

and believe

in nature's pleasure

there is a treasure in abundance


don't confine

yourself only to woman

there are many more things as divine

you find joy in flowing wat...

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Trade & territory

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Trade & Territory

Saturday, December 14, 2019

6:48 AM


It was trade and territory expansion

that enhanced the British colonization

brought several races under domain

and it remained faithful possession


the labor and natural wealth

provided good health

to the British economy

it remained global power and was recognized universally


by doing this, the dis...

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Find the heaven

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Find heaven

Saturday,14th December 2019


Where do you find heaven?

nowhere and no even on this lovely earth

when things go against

and serve not your interest


the saying is perfectly alright

when you fight

and get nowhere to the peace

and life is not at an ease


you are broken

totally dejected and driven

desperately for all the times to come

but ...

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