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Not a good place

Not a good place

Friday, 21st september 2018


Yes, not a good place

for human race

to be chained

and kept imprisoned


no light shall enter

and cater

your need and an inspiration

you shall be deprived of the human relation


an imprisonment is the curse

and brings tears

when it is realized

that something is wronged unintentionally


in the soc...

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Ignore nothing

Ignore nothing

Friday,21st September 2018


Miss nothing

that is bringing

you the joy of sacredness

and smile on the face


ignore nothing

that has to do something

in your life for the good

this must be understood


respect the living beings

and try to bring

some kind of happiness

on their face


don't make them sad

and lead them

in miser...

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Our defenders

Our defenders 

Thursday,20th September 2018


Yes, it speaks volume

when you see him

from the far or near

you develop confidence and no fear


It is strict disciplinary life 

and tained to sand against torn strife

to present the glory for the self and nation

and also to speak the for all the brethren


anybody may fall for turnout 

and talk about

the el...

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Behind the curtain

From behind the curtain

Thursday,20th September 2018


I want to feel pulse

and repulse

all those negative thoughts

and want not to be caught


I see you from behind the curtain

and maintain

an innocence in your eyes

what do I try for?


it is passionate feeling

and hidden inkling

that pulls me towards

with no words in the store


I want it to ...

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Under way

Under way

Thursday, 20 September 2018


I am firm

and confirm

that whatever I say

I commit and stay


It was never joke

but the master stroke

for the sake of the humanity

that we all live in harmony


for me, the time was ripe

and each of of should strike

when the iron is hot

the shape must be got


we all know how the delicate situation is the...

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Dare not oh death

Dare not oh death!

Monday, September 17, 2018

8:20 PM


I know for certain

and maintain

the sacred position

for human relation


whoever has come on an earth

may have to leave with the death

this is known to all and is supported by faith

people take no note of and take an easy breath


this is our tradition

and we follow it with no reservation

when i...

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One faith only

One faith only

Monday,17th September 2018


Nothing changes 

and urges

the creator to help

and blessings to come non-stop


does the religion force to change prayer?

when it is left to the conveyer !

and speak in an honest tone 

to pardon him for the wrong done


it needs no mediator

or for that matter any translator 

the language used is uper

and un...

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Closeness and the trust

Closeness and trust

Tuesday,18th September 2018


The person should always be ambitious

and must long to become famous

there is nothing wrong

but he should not take it for granted or song


each person should have desire

and must put everything on fire

to achieve it in due course

without inviting any curse


some of them may be impossible

and may invite lo...

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Truth is gold

Truth is Gold

Sunday,16th September 2018


Truth is like gold

it shall have more values when sold

it shall have desirous effect

when bought into an act


even though, it is difficult to practice

but keep up with word and promise

that you shall not divulge

until there is huge problem


it may force you to speak untruth

some pressure may be put to provide pr...

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Honesty pays

Nice one,,,Honesty pays

Sunday,16th September 2018


Good saying goes on

honesty has gone far end

the person is known by his behavior

and earns him a honor


no doubt, it has its own sphere

but person suffers somewhere

he is put to an incovenience

and keeps him always on tense position


he has been praised alright

but ensues an unknown fight

where peop...

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Still long way

Still long way

Saturday,15th September 2018


Yes, lots of struggle

for any individual

to survive in real

and effectively deal


it is long way to go

and show

where you are

near or very far


destiny lies miles away

and shows no way

my steps move ahead

but dreams are live and not dead


it would have been easier

to move further

had you be...

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Many feathers


Many feathers

Saturday,15th September 2018


It is talent

that makes us to hunt

new face for the challenges

and resolutely manage


the poetess has  the potential

not only as formidable poet but as powerful individual

to bring the new heights

for the motivational strips 


she has many feathers in her cap

and we are hopeful that she shall bridge the g...

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Who knows?

Who knows?
Saturday,15th September 2018

Gone were the days
when they had no ways
to address the cruelty 
and reported it casually 

eventhough the crime is on rise
it is not surprised at all 
they we are returning to stone age
our mind lust is still stored in the cage 

who know when it shall erupt?
and disrupt 
the females of any anture
it is called the cruel human behavior 


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Seek the mercy

Seek the mercy

Friday, 14th September 2018


Let us respect

and swear by our acts

that nothing changes the fact

so no need to react


It is His discretion

that makes improvisation

sends his emissaries all over

and provides human beings with shelter


the geographical condition may vary

so it is necessary

for him to provide the people with relief

to s...

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In an orderly manner

In an orderly manner

Friday, 14th September 2018


Go all out

and talk about

your efforts in the direction

that should be the real action


There has to be thrust

and powerful burst

to achieve an impossible

and show it to the people


there is no other go

and you got to blow

your own trumpet

and let the things rightly move


if it is necessary


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Pathetic condition

Pathetic condition

Friday,14th September 2018


This is how the world moves

and proves

that there is no place for teachers

who are really our future shapers


being a lady

in the wealthy and resourceful country

if she has to work for an extra three jobs

and yet finds her self to be robbed!


how come that she can't make two ends meet?

is it the position fi...

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Values buried deep

Values buried deep

Thursday,13th September 2018


live of your own

and believe in no stone

worship only one 

that is self and be driven 


lifestyle has changed

living standard has gone up and not well managed

some means are brought into force

people resort to and employ it as source 


we have turned materialistic

the wealth has become the basic need


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Closeness to the heart

Close to the heart

Thursday,13th September 2018


In your absence

I feel tense

it makes no sense 

and makes tears fall 


what makes the day a good one? 

I speak to none

reserve myself 

and spend the joyful time at half 


the life can be meaningless

if you find no traces

of belonging to the bond

no joy can be found 


it is one kind of closene...

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An outer beauty


An outer beauty 

Thursday, September 13, 2018

5:45 AM


It is real and fact

I can't understand the graceful act

I feel it like an air

I can look only and stare


I read on your clumsy face

it is the simple race

I seel solace and find refuge there

with safety sans fear 


People are attracted to outer beauty

and drawn toward with no clarity 

I fi...

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Not to trouble

Not to trouble anyone

Tuesday,11th September 2018


Not the education alone

but the sense to pick up the bygones

and the surroundings that present

the clear view for us to act


even common man

and the unknowledgeable person

picks up the message

transforms it into the live page


it is there

and shall remain so forever

we got to live with honor

and f...

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Sure of the result

Sure of the result

Tuesday,11th September 2018


Nothing wrong in it, If you dream high 

and try to fly

with weak wings

and try to bring


make sure

and reassure

that impossibility can't be dreamed

unless it is achieved


If you are sure of the result

and in readiness to share the insult 

there is no heartfelt ache 

and you can later on catch



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No vaccum

No vacuum

Tuesday, 11th September 2018


I have an ability

to walk successfully

in the desert

with the human art


it may look desolate

but can relate

very clearly to human activities

and that shall stand as no liability


how are we filling the life with the rainbows?

with different colors as an arrow

that reflects our aim to improve upon

and win th...

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Keep little smile

Keep little smile

​​​​Sunday, 9th September 2018


If grief can't be turned away 

then adopt the smile in all the way

not to burst into laughter 

but reasonably turn heaviness into the lighter mood 


it is human nature

when some tragic news is heard

your immediate reaction becomes clear

you are seized with sorries and fear


the strong will emerges

and ur...

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Newborn on

a new baby is born

and turning home into heaven 

one soul was needed

and the God has conceded to that prayer

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Woes remain

Woes Remain  

Sunday,9th September 2018


Yes, it happens 

and saddens 

the person who has everything to lose

despite the care being taken to choose 


Husband and wife are two wheels if the chariot

it can move smoothly only when no idiotic behavior is shown 

both shall have to observe sacred norms 

and if happens anything must inform each other 


this is th...

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Communication skill

Conversation skill

Sunday,9th September 2018


It is human nature

and granted for the sure

that as an age grows further

the broadness develops later


It is purely a gift

and makes no shift

it reflects in the behavior

and earns you an honor


it is wisdom and that asserts dominance

your presence of mind shows its essence

you are being aptly heard


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Committed to carry on

Committed to carry

Monday,3rd September 2018


Yes, many people are around

and they can be easily found

when you think of ground reality

they are all blessed by an almighty


you may be liked by some,

some may prove to be troublesome

but overall, they are co-operative

and nicely behave


sometimes, it may displease us

but may not break our trust

we shal...

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Success chances

Success chances

Tuesday,4th September 2018


Satisfy self first

then think of the last 

build the trust 

and make more bid and thrust 


you are here to try

and fly high

with the mission of completion

and improve the chances of competition 


who says "failure may discourage you"

and you shall always be talked about

"the man in the miserable condition" 


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Some mission on

Some mission on

Tuesday,4th September 2018


It must be clearly borne in mind

and try to find

the compromise formula

and form our life's agenda


First thing is to make sure

that our life has no fixed tenure

no one knows when will it end?

the dangerous signals are always sent


nature has clearly shown the resolve

and given the wisdom to solve

any probl...

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