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The static sky

Static sky

Sunday, 29th July 2018


What do they forget?

instead simply state

that I must let

it simply to my fate


what had I dreamed about?

to know and talk about

My feelings and sentiments

but he showed no interest


was I venturing in the wrong direction?

his actions spoke directly with his inaction

to realize what I was all for?

and what was th...

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Upper hand

Upper hand


Saturday, 28th July 2018


The kings and their kingdom

remained in safe hands seldom

if there prevailed wisdom and the good rule

the disloyal destabilized the kingdom in full


it has always been the bone of contention

and it made for the king to go for permanent retention

sometimes they succeeded in their move

and the king was either killed or remo...

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Does the Poem Hunter do?

Does the Poem Hunter do


I was upset at the tactics

employed by some against the basic

and sacred norms of the poetry

this makes me unhappy


if not by this way

then pull him down by another way

Give him no prominence

and make him feel tense


This is how Poem hunter does

and disregards the values

and efforts put by the poet

and compels them to remain ...

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Takes away ashes

Takes away ashes

Saturday, 27th July 2018


Yes dear

you will find it more

in plain or in the desert

it is just the start


the death is inevitable

and mandatory for all the people

whether rich or poor

it may always knock the door


Nobody is an exception

as death keeps no relation

it is another name of the destruction

these are open instructions


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Share it


Share it

Thursday, 26th July 2018


Never, never and never

the idea should not occur

you must refer to the mind

and try to find


if you want someone really

and he or she is not ready

never mind for a reply

you just pursue more and try


You have tried your level best

and passed the test

she may rethink

and answer with blink in eyes


but ...

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View her


View her

Thursday, July 26, 2018

9:03 AM


Try to be an unknown lover

and offer

an assistance

if you get any chance


she may not accept

and rudely act

but beware

she is all aware


You can reflect in her eyes

and try

to know more intimately

you will know it readily


extend the hand

and try to befriend

walk along till an end


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Give me back


Give me back

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

5:23 PM


Why do I want to be a child again?

why are some memories pushing me with the pain?

I am not what I am supposed to be

fair, independent and totally free


the child in me is totally forgotten

instead, it has driven me

to the desperation and deception

I have failed to maintain the human relations


I think...

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Wait for the rainy dews

Wait for the rainy dews

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

4:55 PM


 If you wish to thank God

thank it before you are sold

to the circumstance

and has no chance to escape


You are searching escape route 

and set the foot 

on this lovely land 

and send some messages


what do you think about the past?

that has lasted

and remained with miserable things

and ...

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No real freedom

No Real Freedom For - Poem by Hasmukhlal Amathalallal

No real freedom

Monday, July 23,2018
11: 42 AM

It is not the question of going to be alright 
but the result of the unnecessary fight 
creation of bad blood between two good souls
and finally landing in separation call

is this what we want in life? 
you have done exceedingly well as a wife
and done everything possible 
and as resul...

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Nice attempt

Nice attempt

Monday, July 23, 2018

12:56 PM


Yes, you can find 

the material around 

to write the poem 


it is available 

for all

to use the vocabulary

and use it in poetry 


as the human being

we shall always try to bring

some comprise 

and breach no promises


these all things can be put

in verses and talk about 

with free hand and e...

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Love is a weapon

Love is a weapon

Saturday,21st July 2018

Love has its own angle
and it is known to all people 
unless you have regard for the creator
you can't prove to be a good follower

so we look at the sky
and never question, why? 
He doesn't show the presence
but always give a good chance

you have made a place in His heart
and very much became part
it is called divine art
He may always pull your...

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We were keen

We were keen

Sunday, 22nd July 2918


The love has found the way

the distance doesn't matter any way

the feelings ride so high

and bring so much of delight


each morning brings a new message

and it becomes difficult to manage

she longs for the quick embrace

and I can see the anxiety on the face


daily we pour new color

paint it with wish and honor


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No arrogance

No arrogance


Saturday,21st July 2018



took over at once

may give you no chance

to shift it to another stance


either you are fair complexioned

or wealth inherited person

such things make you rowdy,

arrogant and treat others shabbily


it speaks in your behavior

you greet people with dishonor

put them down with insult 

and present you...

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Dead hearts

Dead hearts

Saturday, 21st July 2018


is it the butcher's art?

that shows no kindness for good start

why do we shed blood?

when the importance of human being is clearly understood


have we gone insane?

and often shown

the intolerance and the hate

in no words, we can relate


we have turned intolerant

and present

ourselves as protector

of good cause...

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Lotus movement

Lotus movement

Thursday,19th July 2018


It is movement lotus

that has increased the trust

among the people

and for all individuals


what else can the cowards do?

and pass through

the insult

that has been falsely built


no doubt, they have nothing to show

except to blow

the false alarm

and as such harm the national interests


no one can stop...

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An anxiety over


Thursday, July 19, 2018

8:21 AM


Yes the waiting has its own impact

it changes your patience and turns into an act

this is the human factor

and we all face it as the stage actor 


yes, the seconds seem to  turn into hours

when you are informed about the family members 

whom you are going to see after many years

and you long to hear from them 



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You alone


You alone

Thursday, July 19, 2018

8:32 AM



It is you alone

with whom the past has gone 

you have witnessed up and down 

and the fate was known 


it is handled independently 

and you did it successfully

no one else did it for you

the plight was handled through an insight


no one else may do it 

you saw it as the fit case

you faced it brav...

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Nature reacts

Nature reacts


Wednesday, 18th July 2018


I like flowers

not because they offer

a fragrance and beautiful show

but shake the head when air blows


it makes one think

and blink

at the response

and sensitivity towards nature


we owe so much to nature

but how far we recognize her

treat so kindly

and bow readily


we show ungratefulness


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Ignorance about

Ignorance about
Monday, July 16, 2018
6:39 AM

it speaks of your ignorance
you had loved not even once
I had given enough of chances
but it had no influence

I was purest of pure
And given audience rare
But you had the privilege 
Of an early age

You were happy
With no worries
So couldn’t make grip over me
So each time I slipped 

I say with all those
Who chose 
Me sincerel...

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Selfless love

Love is no cheap thing
it can bring 
happiness and joy 
for all of us to enjoy 

it has to be not on one-sided
and should never  decide
one has every right 
to chose or deny and avoid the plight 

one may express the desire
and admire the person 
but at the same time can part too
if some problem starts 

love is a sacred bond
and must stand none to second 
its sanctity must be respected...

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Poetry plays role

Poetry plays a role

Saturday, 14th July 2018


Poetry is everywhere

around you and everywhere

in ponds, rivers and in nature

just develop the vision for sure


the cuckoo sings in the morning

the birds make the sweet voice in the evening

it has the same music as we have

but they have the system to behave


rain showers create differently some pleasant scenes


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With flowers in

With flowers

Saturday, 14th July 2018


I know only one thing

how to bring?

the closeness of nature

for my future


I may have no garden

but I can find heaven

on the earth

and take an easy breath


the garden may have many flowers

emerged from the fresh showers

the roses may present a unique show

with intoxicating fragrance to blow


we may not...

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No Mr. Sherif no

No Mr. Sherif no

Friday,13th July 2018


No Mr. Sherif no

we can't go by sentimental appeal

God gives award here

now at least you must fear


You have done the great injustice

and reneged from the promises made

the ordinary from the street believed your word

but what did you do toward their trust


Your wife is suffering from cancer

you will know the resul...

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Form of purity

Form of purity

Friday, 13th July 2018

Poetry is divinity 
another form of purity 
that has flowed directly from an almighty 
with the message fo humanity

not the words 
or contents
but the spirit
and the depth to greet

we shall sing
to bring 
the harmony and peace
for others life to be spent at an ease

the human birth is precious 
so the message must flow continuously

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Directly from the heaven

Directly from the heaven

Thursday, 12th July 2018


Where do I go?

to seek nature's glow

I set the eyes in the sky

and search from where and why?


no doubt, the natural objects are unique

pleasant in all the ways and true

but the sky has something more

even though it has only a void place to offer


it plays a very important role

when rain-god calls on 


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Illegal settlements and politics

llegal settlement and politics

Thursday, 12th July 2018


It is strange

that we have failed to manage

the shelter for homeless

this is stark reality really and an ugly face


who is to be blamed?

The only politician's led Government!

or external forces

who thrust refugees on us


where has the birth control gone?

the population is increasing alarmingly


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Introduction of a new scene

Introduction of a new scene

Tuesday, 1oth July 2018


I always take the help of a picture

and doubly assure

that it conveys the proper message

and creates the impression of the page


it serves the basic purpose

as the medium, you chose

is the best and appropriate

it relates the theme and states clearly


you use a thousand words for an explanation

but it ...

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Swargadapi gariacy*

Swargadapi gariacy* 
(Holier than the heaven)  

Mother and motherland is precious than the heaven 
we are firmly driven 
by this concept
and remain apt with this theory 

Nation and the national interest 
bust be served with the best 
intention and respect
it must be involved with the sacrificial act

there is no room
for people who forecast gloom
and leave not a single opportunity 
to ...

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Wise mann

Wise man

Monday, 8th July 2018


Well, it is the human art

and you are very much part

without being rude

you can elude the person


you need not answer

and express an anger

for being trolled

and remain as the fool


You may be soft spoken

and well taken

in the friend circle or otherwise,

you shall be called the wise man


bear no innocence


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May grant

May grant

Sunday, 8th July 2018


You are at the mercy

that is the wish of an almighty

the life is gifted

so no fate can be shifted


who has dictated the course?

no one and of course

they have earned the only curse

the life is a tremendous force


you can guide the path

and take an easy breath

but life means and end

the message has been already sent


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Play the role

Play the role


Friday, 6th July 2018


No Cry

you only rise up and try

for your betterment

and consolidate the movement


no, it is the right time now

it is in your hand, how

you are going to tackle

as the strong mind people


you can't remain indoor

but come out in open with no shut door

time is opportune to

play the decisive tune


no vai...

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No violence

No violence

Wednesday, 4th July 2018


The violence of any nature

words or ideology may secure

temporary edge

but for a long, it shall not be managed


it may be inherent

but has no relevance at present

everybody has right to live

and firmly believe


the peace is the main criteria

and that has to be on an agenda

non-violence might have taken the back s...

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Matures with

Matures with

Tuesday, 3rd July 2018


Love has nothing to do with individuals

it got to be accepted by the people

if love is taken as showers from an almighty

nobody can deny its source and originality


it matures with an age

and person manages

with the acceptance

and takes the chance


you may not like

and yet, it strikes

in your deep heart

you bec...

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Pray daily and

Pray daily

Tuesday, 3rd July 2018


I pray

and stay

with the blessings

and nothing goes as missing


each day

with sun rays

brings joy and happiness

and also cheers


how can we forget?

and let

the precious moments to pass

without having a simple glance


I have no words

in the praise of lord

as he has done everything

for us to be good...

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So precious

So precious

Tuesday, 3rd July 2018


Love and regard

with simple word

long live

and surely believe


life is so precious

so must remain continuous

with the fulfillment of the mission

at the same time with frank admission


I wish

and at the same time finish

that life should remain with long blessings

and nothing goes missing


long and prospero...

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Make people

Make people

Monday, 2nd July 2018


Think not much of the mission

it shall only add to the confusion

we are not here to analyze

but only to summarise


we have limited tenure

so make sure

that the best opportunity is availed

and care has been taken not to get failed


we go into no details

so as not to fail

to get entrenched into controversy

and some...

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Inner conflict

Inner conflict

Sunday,1st July 2018


No matter

what happens here

whether we reach on the top

or further progress is stopped


let it not come

but we welcome

with the enthusiasm

and care for humanism


who knows

what shall bring tomorrow for us

we have trust in our effort

and that is the positive sort


not all the people achieve

yet believe


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