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I stretch

I stretch some more

sprawling over my bed

caressing the cold sheets beside me


A weight sits on my chest.

The pang of my solitude,

visiting me in the silent hours of the morning


I bring your blanket closer to my chest,

Sucking in your smell,

Breathing the pores of you.


It’s started to fade now.

The staleness and the dust has set in.

Time ...

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A Rock's Face

Great shadows slide next to the boy,
Spine arching towards the sky,
Rain clouds short to challenge the moon.

The world turns against feet,
Sitting still beneath the blossoms of open sky,
Clouds shake from the winds.

Rubber discharged from the rock in shapes of old men,
He catches flecks swaying through thinnest air,
Shades of grey once collapsed behind the sun.

Slivers in rocks buil...

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Transient Beauty

Daisies in a meadow's bend,
Water dripping from the pale rocks,
And the moonlight shining deeply beneath the hallowed earth.

Do you witness the sky’s transient beauty?
Do you see the world’s unholy inconsistency?
Or do you perhaps wander ever blinder into the abyss of rock and dirt.

Forgo the witnessed lands behind the gravel topped mountains,
The light ricocheting off the wind,

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Aisa Kyu

By : Mirza Sharafat

mujhe  kya ,  har  cheez  me  tera  ghar  lagta  hai
wo  sama ,  teri  ghali  ka  wo  manzar  lagta  hai

pawu  zameen  pa rakh  ke  samandar  lagta  hai
teri  muhabbat  ka  asar  is  qadar  lagta  hai

Sulagti  huwi  aagh  pa  mujhe  chalney  do  rafiq
Har  qadam  pa  maloom  uska  reh  guzar  lagta  hai

terey  ansuvu  ki  jo  na  kar  sakey  qadar
phir  dil  uska  muj...

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It swings under branches of devious fallacy,
To see shade streaming in through the darkened sun,
Red tips faltering beneath an ever-greener sky.

I wander and pick the flower,
The thorns bleed my blood,
Specs of iron ricocheting a color I had yet before seen.

Green and yellow hardened through great tragedy,
The moon does not shine this faltered night,
Instead wandering the blissless ski...

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Sex Overlooking The Sunset

It was surprising that after work, on Thursday,

she wanted to meet and share her bed with a man, again.

Maybe men, even, she thought, suddenly indecisive and guilty,

but for society, men, peers, their judgment, their pursed lips and nods of disapproval.

Now that she was almost home, her fireplace and Scotch seemed dearer, as usual;

the icy blanket of her acceptance of undesired celi...

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agealienationbiasdivorcefamilyintimacylibidolifelonelinesslovemaking lovenightoldprejudicesexsexualityshamesocietysunset


I'm desperately broken

Clinging on to what's left of emotion

It just won't go away

Still standing next to me like my shadow in the day

And cold like the bed I can't fill alone


Where is this going

Not found, and I can't keep going

Still my mind as the fears wash over me

Locked in to an empty room

Going insane in the flood of nothingness


Fear me, I am but empt...

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Who I am Becoming

Is the pain of loneliness worse than the pain of regret

Than giving away another part of your shrinking soul

I only have so much to give

I do not know how to stop

I am not eternal

I am not limitless


I am finite

There is a certain amount of me

And some parts never grow back

Some parts, once given, cannot ever be recovered

I cannot be returned to who I once was


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finitegiving of myself too muchlimitedlonelinesspainpastquestioningself

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