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Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis ~ Derrik Whittemore in Honor of my Mom, Shanna LaFlamme, and all the other families battling M.S.

One day you just showed up
Without a single reason why
You take every single one of your victims
And make entire families cry 

Your next target is my mother 
But she's stronger then that 
She has the whole family on her team
And now we’re up at-bat 

It hurts her...

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The poetic adventure

Moments change in a blink, and you can't get them back
I fill my life with words, I would never regret
They are my thoughts at time, happy or sad mindset
Maybe I show extremes, but the audience can flack

Whatever is your thoughts on my rhythmic artwork
I do care to listen, and we can share debate
But the words are written, and shared to activate
Feelings or emotions towards poetic jerk


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As she lies there naked, object of perfections
I know she's not perfect, she has a mole on nose
She has curves and some fat, not a modelling pose
But my eyes see beauty in all of her actions

She might turn slightly left when she was better right
Or she might not cook well, frying instead baking
But her laughs light me up and brightens my darking
Endlessly over smiling when mind goes on he...

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The Garden

The Garden


The violets speak softly to me,

They whisper to remember who came before,


The tiger-lilies interrogate me,

They say that spring pastures are no more,


The violet flowers inspire me to see my powers pure,

With the gifts that Venus pours my beauty will adorn,


The tiger-lilies scratch and chase me,

They say my will is cracked and torn,



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