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Chapter 1: Ghost

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Now, I never been the type to like grand gestures

Foolish attempts to grasp your undivided attention

However, I promise you when this is all over

I’ll have your attention for all eternity


I have done a terrible, terrible thing, my love

A thing that will leave you completely breathless

That will leave your heart a tragic mess

But I promise you, this is for the best



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I felt it could happen at any time

that I would know when

then on the cliff looking out to sea I knew it

the drop enough

enough of a drop

to deal the blow

on the undertow

and though

      the waves were flecked and bright

     the time had come

     for everlasting night.


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Tongue and Cheek

entry picture

It has taken ahold of me once more.

Basking and marinating;

my life is in limbo.

At a halt,

with a glance,

Hope arises,

and then just as quickly sets as the sun.

Moments are cherished 

but then despised with a gun.

Feeling the chambers loaded with each shell,

the thought it so real, 

so quick,

so painless.

So easy.

But where does that leave us?

Going fo...

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entry picture

The child in his arms, such a precious gift,

her sweet little smile would make his heart lift.

Born into a love that none could compare,

baby blue eyes framed with curly blonde hair.


Conceived and born on such love filled days,

from the moment he held her he was blown away.

His heart did a flip and his smile was so wide,

his devotion to his daughter could not be denied.


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The stains upon the bar

tell of many sad tales

of love, loss and tragic lives;

and drink to drown out the wails.


Another washed out soul

seeks the solace of the glass,

to wash away the memory

of another broken pass.


Another wheeler-dealer,

another gambling god,

another weary player

bet his life upon the sod.


The rings around his eyes

mark the t...

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Chapter 19: The Death of The Rebel Kid

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The clocks have hit midnight for me 
I finally reached my end
I have nothing left to live for 
I am closer to the edge of the cliff 
And there is no rope to hold on to.

Time has run out from this soul 
I've given up on living 
But I think I was already gone.

Caught between the ups and downs 
All my faith is fading away 
Broken and alone 
The loneliness comforts my pain.

Drifting away t...

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Chapter 4: The Death of The Dynamic Duo

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"I'm sorry" is not enough 
For all the selfish things I said to you 
And taking your love for granted 
And always pushing you away.

The rain poured so hard that night 
Police cars and flashing lights 
You're at home in the clouds
Towering over my head.

I found you lying there
Your body kissing the ground
Broken and fragile 
Your blood is forever stained on my hands.

You know I wasn't p...

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