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It's hard to find love when you're all alone

when the last train has left.

Like the walking dead

you wait for love

with no end in sight.


It's hard to be loved when you're lonely too

'cause everyone knows you missed that train

though it wasn't your fault


and the time's never right

when that last train has left

and the night lies ahead

when you're waiting f...

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The Endless Pit

The crack of dawn, yet absent of light

Darker than the hours preceding

Only one could dread a new day

But it's a constant battle and endless fight

To rise from this dungeon

To enter this isolated Hell

The morning is slow, yet all too short

Lead weights on all limbs and eyes

No routine, but a mission

To begin each day, Only to distort

The true soul trapped inside


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He left the kitchens every night

by scooter back to bedsit

many stairs to the top of the house

his only rise in life.

rear view mirror Park Lane


dreams of


Enraged, he pressed in the light, ascended the stairs

past doors for other lonely folk

sickly glow a ray of hope for

career advance.

All around his life a threat of Akrotiri,

love losing ...

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A crowded room

is such a lonely place,

wear a fragile mask

upon a weary face.


Everybody’s here

but there’s nobody there

and there’s nothing to do

except sit and stare.

The distant sounds

of joy and laughter

drifting like echoes

in dusty rafters.


As you slowly subside,

sinking way down low

and you're silently wondering

how far you can go.


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The Hollow World

All that you invest is what may be won
it's just an echo coming back
and yet we hang in helpless wait
the hollow world rings on and on

Who can answer what you do not ask
low odds of someone calling out
just at the moment you need them to
the hollow world rings on and on

Those pretty faces, so carefully curated
those galleries of happinesses waiting
changeless irrespective of your fee...

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half asleep

slow morning,
half asleep seems easy,
and i refuse to
read the news,
i'd rather be
half asleep

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Our Valued Lawn

You only really win, having lost.

On the front lawn, all is identical until you notice it.

Every other blade you see its 50 shades greener than your own.

Those shades depend on light. Those blades gleam off light refracted.

Who has the light?

Every day you look, you stare, you glare

with a drink, with a book, with a chair, with a care.

Your care, carelessly, mi...

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