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Painted Passion

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She stands there painting her door.
He comes behind and seizes her;
Pressing against the wet paint, she oh adorers.
As the clothes are ripped off of her.
Her hands into his and drawn above her head;
His lips tantalizing naked skin.
Tongue curls and lashes to please;
Neck, breasts, naval need I say more.
Hard core it becomes, raw in paint.
She is wet and he knows,
How ...

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Can make me a puppet.

You can make me dance

And moan

And shake

And cum literally at the tip of your finger

You make my entire body move with your finger

(and your eyes)

You can make me feel my matter condensing to a single point at the tip of your finger,

I imagine it is glowing.

And sometimes when you’re making love to me

(I’m sorry, I know you hate that phra...

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Thor (He's A Jolly Good Fellow)

Thor (He's A Jolly Good Fellow)

Another bloody immigrant
has just moved in next door -
he’s North East European
and goes by the name of Thor.
So as good old Mister Farage says
“There ought to be a law
that stops them coming here
cause we can’t take any more”.

He’s got long blonde tussled hair
and a chiselled square jaw
and he’s taking British jobs
at the local Ikea store -
yet all...

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