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What I'd Do For You

Give you a thousand roses and a thousand violins
A thousand manned choir to sing you a thousand hymns
Light up a thousand stars in the image of your face
Give me a thousand wishes and I'd wish most of the same
Nine hundred ninety-nine wishes, I'd wish for one more day
To spend with you, then change my wish when my last wish came
On the thousandth wish, I'd wish for a thousand more
Wishes, t...

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"Of Lilith and Anthony" poetry collection available as an ebook on Amazon

My debut poetry collection "Of Lilith and Anthony" is a poetic narrative of a love affair, bringing to the reader the ultimate question of whether it is a modern day cautionary tale or romantic tragedy. The poetry speaks of anticipation, erotic and obsessive love within the confines and complexities of an extra-marital affair, that is bound by social norms and family expectations. These evocative ...

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"I wish I could act cool about this " poem David R Mellor

I  wish I could act cool about this


Go back to when my temperature was just above zero

Without the thought of your kiss

Slip back into a cold case

No need to break the iceberg

But my body shifts to your embrace



I don’t wish to act cool about this

I want to race down platforms

Stumble over words

Let my mind trace over your body

look at you lost for words


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The room brimmed
with her pale heat
lapping through my winter.

Dare I touch this dance
and stuff my pockets full of hope?

Parcel my fears
in wax paper and twine
and wait for them to unravel.


Pic - Cormorant Drying Wings. by Geoffrey Bickley. Sculpture: wood


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