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Abstract anxiety eats at razor thinned shins,

Anguish engulfs lost and last,

Previous pretenses portray pessimistic pain,

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Life's Lost Life

Flicked  flickering sand slices slashes

Pain and anguish portrude pen to paper

Releasing resting relief from crooked corner

Creation creates creativity

Crusty cankers and  cracked crevices

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Always the same....

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Everyday for her is always the same.
All the struggles, all the pain,
all the hurtful words, and all the pressure
to be someone, and to be something.

And each day she wakes
to feel the hurt again, as it never changes.
And each day she breathes to longer her stay
no matter how much she wants to leave.
And each day she eats to feel whole and to not feel empty
like the way she feels about he...

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emptyescapehappyhurtlostnever changesame old stuff

When you find..

When you find that day
that moment when,
when you realize you're just an mistake.
That your shine you thought you had
has been ripped away from your soul.
Your eyes begin to shed of tears.

When you find that day
that moment when,
when you realize you're worth
as much as a penny that's been tossed away.
Your scaring then becomes an healing
for just that one moment.

And when you find tha...

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hopekeep goinglostthat day


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Swept away by these waves of confusion,

Iam now stranded in the island of chaos.

Just yesterday I was dreamily looking into the horizon;

Peacefully sailing in my boat of bliss.

I didn't see that big wave coming,

I didn't hear the roar of thunder,

I couldn't smell the storm.


And now Iam all alone in this strange wilderness;

I see no light,I can f...

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