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Why do we worry so much about tomorrow;

When we can do so much today.

Why do we cry for those who are leaving;

Forgetting the ones who stay.

Why do we long for that which we cannot have;

Without appreciating what we already possess.

We live life in a rush and often miss out so much,

We dwell on dreams and mistakes;

And live the present in a haze.

Take a pause and feel th...

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Swept away by these waves of confusion,

Iam now stranded in the island of chaos.

Just yesterday I was dreamily looking into the horizon;

Peacefully sailing in my boat of bliss.

I didn't see that big wave coming,

I didn't hear the roar of thunder,

I couldn't smell the storm.


And now Iam all alone in this strange wilderness;

I see no light,I can f...

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Love Is No FairyTale

Why isn't love like those in movies and books?
Like the fairy tale happily Ever Afters.
Where the prince says I Love You and the princess says I do too.
And that’s the beginning of all their dreams come true.
In real life, it takes more than just words;
More than some stolen glances.
You try and try but it may not work.
And somehow you don’t really know why.

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love poetry

What love is...

I believe love to be something one cannot describe.
It is just as powerful as any other feeling.
We just choose it to be the most important.
It is our defense,our comfort,our reason to live.
Love can be anything we make of it.
It can be the silliest, lamest of things.
And yet it is precious because of the importance we attach to it.
What we feel comes from what we wa...

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love poetry

Don't know why but i do

I do not know why I love,
But oh do I love you.
With every sunrise I love you so.
With every sunset my love but grows.
There are days when the world stops turning;
If only for a while.
And then there are those days when I can't hide my smile.
As long as we are earth-bound these things will come.
Both through good and bad days we’ll run.
No matter what comes ,...

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love poetry


Miles apart...I sit alone here and wonder how you are.
I dream of the beautiful times we had,
Reflect on the memories created.
With every thought I wish you well.
With every breath I bless your name.
I don’t care if the world comes between us.
I am not bothered by the miles between us.
All that keeps me together;
All that really matters is that
Wherever we ma...

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For my love i live.

Far away from your loving arms again my love.
Far from the feel of your tender touch.
Far from the lips that taste so sweet.
So far for you to sweep me off my feet.
How I long for those days once more.
How I yearn for the days ahead to pass.
I pray each night that we survive;
The games of torment so bitter,
Played by the miles that part us.
Oh! How cruel can ...

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