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Posters – depicting your attraction
were long ago hollered and rolled up
into human curiosity of loquacity.
Sights and signs remain crystal bright.
The fortune teller sees to that.


How I strip teased round ribboned pole
winding that prize in disguise was the yow
I knew. Then not chosen to be May queen,
I helter skeltered to hate, heal, redeem
tortured by silence amongst the crowd.


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lovelove poem

My Darling Psychopath

If all you told were lies,

I heard only truth.

If manipulative were your motives,

I was putty in your hands.

If you used me for excitement,

I was thrilled for you.

If your emotions were all feigned,

I was your audience, suspended by the fiction.

If love you never felt,

I loved it for you,

And if conscience, you had none,

I was moral for us both.


Do you hide...

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loveMental Illness


You are the tree that grew inside me
when I swallowed your stone whole.

When I spoon-fed you with silvern words
you rooted in my deep.

Each morning I’m reborn by you
polishing the dawn till it blossoms in pink.

Exchanging moss coated whispers
our rain softened glances trickle between us.

I am grafted to the notches on your spine.
Spiralling together, we reach for the light.


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There's a boy
In a house
In a room
Thinking of you.

There's a girl 
In a house
In a room
Thinking of you.

There's a boy
There's a girl
Who believe
They are in the same room.

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My parents laugh from the other room,

Their happiness makes me sad.

I wonder if they are aware

Of my broken heart

Or if they have ever experienced

An ache like mine.


His face is everywhere:

In a building with a million corridors 

I can't ignore,

The feeling of a ghost

Lurking sore in the pathways of my mind

There is nothing to be said or done.


A source...

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You are back finally

It's been dull around here

Without you

When you said goodbye

It marred my soul

But, let's forget the past

You are here now.

She has broken my hearing

With her high velocity screams

I built a wall.

Now that you are here,

She can't bring it down.

You light my insides

On fire.

Let go, see me fly;

See me young.

I'm craving ...

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