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No More Waiting..

Ive been patiently waiting around just for you to say hello..
Just show me a sign that YOU dont steep that low..
Day by day, Oh dear Lord three things I pray ..
That I see another day ..
That you show you care ..
and that you will be there..
But no stop dreaming child ... grow up..
Your mama said she would always be there! But I dont see her anywhere!
She said ' I love you A...

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Spring Tanka

A winter bite that

mocks the spring, pincers its cocoon.

A life supported?

Cease one's internal decay,

Even ice melts. Love's fluidity.

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For Absent Friends

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Somewhere in between,
The waking and the dream,
I can feel you close to me.
Just before times hands,
Reshape the desert sands,
I can feel you reach for me.
In the blink of tear stained eyes,
Watching, weary, to the skies,
I can hear you call to me.
In the breaking of the dawn,
In the dew upon the lawn,

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A face of steel is easy 
When hidden behind.
Lost in false hope,
Drowning under memories
That my shoulders cannot hold;
They buckle in sharp flaws.
Watch me break at dawn
And vanish into dust.
My soul entrenched
Under a cotton shroud,
Unable to rise.
I will never again stand 
So boldly.
Time, the only healer,
Has stopped,
And I am lost
In forgotten thoughts
As hopelessness ensnares.
And in the dyi...

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We Chose Hooks

do you remember
those nights
we placed hooks in our eyes?

waiting in our sleep
to catch the darting lies
that swam inside our heads

do you remember
those nights?

we should have walked
the chrome stacked streets
that rolled like silver eels

where stub ends sailed on tarry keels
in that vanishing space between
the night clubs gaudy hush
and necessities capital morning rus...

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