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John Andrew Nield on A 'Snitch', in Time! (1 hour ago)

Devon Brock on A 'Snitch', in Time! (1 hour ago)

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Every Trip, I Feel It,
Like It’s The Last Time.
So I Walk Out As Anyone But Me.
Every Shift, I Feel It,
Like It’s A Lifetime.
Again We Roll Before We Breed.
Every Breath, I Felt It,
Like It’s The Last Time.
So Again I Walk Out
With A Crush On Life.
Every Trip, I Feel It,
Like It’s A Lifetime.
Again We Roll As Anyone But Me.
This Situation’s Overflowing
And I Don’t Know If I’ll Find...

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Cannibal JonesSong


It Came For You In Black And White
When It Was Not That Easy.
It Fostered Homes For You All Your Life
But They Were Not That Easy.
In Third Person We Can All Agree
That The Kennedys Killed Norma Jean.
If Nothing Will Ever Be The Same,
Who Could You Turn Into?
Just Stray Doll, Into Another Day
And Mystery Ensues.
I Want To Take Your Picture.
Where Can I Find This Creature?
Love In 1960,...

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Cannibal JonesSong


He’s Back Today
For The First Time Again.
Tomorrow We’ll Carpe Diem.
We Had The Calm
But Missed The Storm’s Path.

Just Continue On This Path In Life
And Hope That Lightning Don’t Strike Twice.
Just Continue On This Path And I-
I Know Diablo Won’t Mind.
Diablo Won’t Mind.

Is Running
Out Of Time,
Never Knowing
Which Day Will
Be Yours.
We Had The Calm
But Missed The

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Cannibal JonesSong


I Was Planning To Take You Away,
Where I Could Cut You.
I Was Planning On Digging Your Grave
When I First Saw You.
But You Run……….Away………
Inside The Dark I wait Here Awhile
Where I Can Watch You.
I’ve Been Dying To Feel Your Insides
Since I First Saw You.
But You Run………Away………..
I Will Miss Her Something Awful
And We Will Miss Her Something Awful.
And When We Dine, You’ll Come Inside...

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Cannibal JonesSong


Crows.............In The Night,
Like All That I’ve Known.
Like All I’ve Known......
Like All I’ve Known
Was All Alone
All Along.
But You
Know Me All Too Well.
You Know Me All Too Well.

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Cannibal JonesSong


entry picture

The Monsters Could Be Your Friend,
Just If You Help Them On Their Way.
We’ve All Felt The Glowing Eyes
With Chill Bumps And Walked On Graves.
We Help The Monster On Their Way.

In These Sticks……….
In Grimwood………….
Like A Final Fix, Fire Grows.
In Grimwood……………
In These Sticks…………
Fire Grows Like A Final Fix.

Dark Day, The Night Is Calling.
A Dark Day I Never Wanted.
Found Escape,...

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Cannibal JonesSong

Apathetic Empathy

In A Sad World,
With A Broken Heart,
I Will Wait Here. I Will Wait Here.
And All I Got-
Just ‘Till Tomorrow.
I Know The World
‘Cuz I Am Hollow
And Apathetic…….And Empathetic,
Anything While We Wait Around. 
Now I’ve Seen My Kind.
It Really Outta Show By Now.
We’re Apathetic And Empathetic,
Anything, Let’s Go For A Ride.

They Came After Me, Killing My Family.
Find Out What It Mean...

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Cannibal JonesSong


entry picture

Me And You Holding Our Breath That Afternoon.
Me And You With Blood On Our Hands
We Drew The Moon Then we Gave It Away.
And If I Get Lost, It Won’t Matter To Me.
I Know That Heaven Lies Just Out Of My Reach.
And If Heaven Is Not For Me Then Hell Won’t Do.
They Think They All Know, But They Don’t
Mimic The Moon And Scorch The Sun,
Count All The Stars ‘Till there’s None.
I’ve Caught The Sce...

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Cannibal JonesSong

Time Another

entry picture

Feels Like Halloween…………….
Again I’m Rollin’. I’m Drivin’ Safe, Here, In My Car.
I Read A Billboard.....
It Seems That Life, Here, Can Be Bought.
We Time Another……
Oh, How We All Grow Up So Fast.
We Time Another.
All Those Lost Aren’t In The Past.
Again, I’m Rollin’.
 The Fields Are Safe, Here, In The Park.
But They Said So Much For Me.
And Now Here Comes The Rain Clouds.
Seems That ...

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Cannibal JonesSong


entry picture

She Said, ”Let’s Go.”
So I Rose
‘Cuz I Know Where The Dead Go.
Though I Grow Too Hollow,
The Dead Leaves By Window.
If I Spoke Into You,
Would I Close Like An Echo?

Her Eyes Glow
Like Shadows.
Her Hair Grows Black Widows.
She’s The Ghost
In My Home,
At My Throat,
Approaching Slow,
That’s The Road All Shall Know Well.

And Her Eyes Glow,
So Here I Go.
Da' Dead Leaves
Out In the...

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Cannibal JonesSong


Flower Child Folded In My Pocket.
That Little Note You Wrote, I Must’ve Dropped It.
But Count Me In, You Can Paint Me Red.
Though Count Me In Today, Tomorrow’s Dead.
So Paint Me Red, You Can Count Me In
For Just A Trip Or Two. I’m Falling All Over You.
Stars, I’m Howling Bleak,
Come Inside With Me.
Though I Think I’m Falling Through
While You Trip On Me.
I’m Here, In Tune, Haunted.

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Cannibal JonesSong

Curse of the Fuzzy Dice

Again I Scream My Demons Out.
I’ve Torn Into Another Soul.
A Searching Flow.
A Glow Of Hope.
Inside’s Hide Decadance. 
It’s The Curse Of The Fuzzy Dice.
Why Must We Get Along,
When Every Step That You Take Is Wrong?
There’s a Reason Why I Wrote This Song,
‘Cuz Even Evil Has A Place To Call Home,
To Belong.
(Now Something Wicked)
It’s The Curse
(This Way Comes)
Of The Fuzzy Dice.

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Cannibal JonesSong


entry picture

And Just When I Think It’s Raining……..

I’ve Learned To Love The Pain.
I’ve Grown To Love The Rage.
I’ve Blown Away All The Days
And Hate The Weeks All The Same.

I’ve Got A Story Writing In My Head.
Beheld A Villain And I Saw Red.
Another Mission And I Woke-Up Dead.
Here We Go, Just To Repeat The Same.
Pass The Time, Another Unfinished Game.
I Took A Life, Never Knowing His Name.

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Cannibal JonesSong


entry picture

Morphine Pulls The Fire Out Of Me
Even Though, When I Glow,
I Barely Breath.
And It Pulls The Fire Out Of Me,
Even Though, Demons Know
I Barely Believe-

What Kind Lies Seem True
And What I See Through.
The Reasons She’s Blue.

But Won’t They Ever Notice
How This All Came To Be?

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Cannibal JonesSong


entry picture

Which Song Will Be The Last
To Finish-Off The Act?
The Final Curtain Call
 Which Sends Us All Back Home,
And I……..
Will Remain Here.
In Time, Time Disapears.
We’ve Been Through This Before
But Still, You Don’t Feel The Same.
But Like The Werewolf To The Moon,
I Keep Expecting You.
I’m Plagued By Tricks Of The Night
And Got A Feeling That Something’s Just Not Right.

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Cannibal JonesSong


entry picture

Ode To My Ebony Silhouette.
My Black Lies, I Forget
Though Take Me Down
‘Cuz I Wanna Forget
My Ebony Silhouette.

Hypnotic, Shadow Sweet.
Through Black And Blue I’ve Got You Beat.
I’m Falling Down Through A Dream
That’s Lost Inside Of Another Dream.

So Vague, Yet So Clear.
I Want You Here.
Wicked Tongue And Raven Flocks.
My Hypnotic, Shadow Fox.

Foreign Eyes………Your Power Lies.

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Cannibal JonesSong

The Sparrow

entry picture

Into A Time Forgotten,
In This Land Of Cotton,
The Grey Men Said That
 The Bluegrass Was Haunted.
It’ll Make A Man Feel As Though
 He’s Lost Something.
And With His Dreams………
Up In The Trees…………
He Falls Asleep…………….
Inside The Skies Of Hell, 
To Face The Devil, Himself.
If Not For My Body……….
If Not For My Body
I’d Float Away, Float Away, Float Away……… 
Should I?
Should I Hope To F...

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Cannibal JonesSong


entry picture

Belledonna, I Have To Go. New Orleans Was Not To Be. I’m In Love With A Girl From Mississippi. She’s My Rouge, My Queen Of Hearts. I’m The Thief, Yeah, But She Stole My Heart. I Have The Magic, It’s Flowing Through My Hands. But Here It’s Graveyard Shift And I’m All Alone Again.

                          Sleepwalking Down The Stairs. I Saw You In My Dreams Before. Time-Travel’s Brewin’ Through ...

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Cannibal JonesSong

The Wizard

entry picture

When I Believed In No God
I Believed In No Love.
We’re Dying Forever
In This Sunny Weather.
How Did You Spend Your Time?
How Did You Live Your Life?
Only To, Observing………
And I Feel You Too.
I Feel It Every Day.
We’re Dying Forever
In This Sunny Weather.
I Am The Wizard.

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Cannibal JonesSong


Maybe I Can’t Win This War,
But It’s Not How I Die,
But Rather, What We Live For.
So Seek The Echo Of The Tribe.
And I Can Sense Despair.
Welcome That Be Of Man,
Just Another Serpent.
So We Unconform Into Conformity.
Now Here Comes The Beasts.
They Come To Steal You Away.
And So We Damn The Beasts.
Blue Skies Are Painted On The Walls.
Where Have All The Indians Gone?
Call It Faith, ...

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Cannibal JonesSong

Old Soul

entry picture

So, I’ll Just Finish My Drink
 And Be On My Way.
I’d Love To Weather But I Can Not Stay.
At Least She’ll Wonder 
What Might Have Been,
Instead Of Knowing How Bad It Is.
I Can Never Sleep
 Even Though She’s Always Still.
I Swear To God I’m Ready 
Though My Eyes Lie Still.
You’re New…………………
An Old Soul………
I’ll Return.
 Got No Time At All.
Without A Whisper.
 Without A Care.
Pixie D...

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Cannibal JonesSong

Eternal Bruise

Although I’ve Seen You Years Before,
I Still Have Your Eyes Memorized,
And Although I’ve Lost You Years Before,
I Know Your Eyes Still Mezmerize Like Hell.
Never Old Enough For You.
Never Old Like I Miss You.
Your  Depression Dreamt Me Awake
And How Could You Nevermind?
So Did You Ever Fly That Plane,
Or Did You Sink Under Like An Eternal Bruise?
But I Bet Your Eyes Still Mezmerize Like ...

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Cannibal JonesSong

Disney Fairy

entry picture


Nancy comes in my dreams 

Like a fairy of Disney Land 

Have two wings and song 

Touch hearts with no band 


Nancy comes from the moon 

Where the lovely stars shining 

Calls me to join the song 

And to share her in the dancing 


Nancy, I love you so much 

Can you call me only once? 

Don't keep me in dreams 

Just come in real to dance 

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bandbenazouzcall joincomedanceDisneydreamsFairyheartkeeplandLikelovemoonmuchNancyoncerealshareshinesongstartouchwings

Beauty Song

entry picture


Don't wear contact lenses 
Your eyes are my Ocean
Let me feel your lovely senses 
And see you my Queen. 

Don't use makeup material
Just be same as you are
Rosy cheeks are really natural 
looks for me as star.

Don't cut your shiny hair 
I love it to become so long 
Set free your hair to air 
And let me enjoy the song.


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Love Seed

entry picture


To win my heart, cross my roads 

To get my love, you knock my doors 

Let's to start, to earn cruise 

To build a nest within love rose 


Adore you much, looking forward 

To keep in touch, even one word 

Eager to fly, to reach sward 

Where your face, shines on board 


You're the star, you're my sun 

You're in heart, the only one 

Grow love seed, before ge...

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entry picture

Two waves in the sea 
Two branches of the tree 
Two wings of the bee 
These are you and me 
In everywhere I go 
I keep your love to grow 
All over my heart's show 
Your eyelashes and brow   

Certainly, I can see 
One heart not a three 
Follow me, or feel free 
I got your heart's Key

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Practical Woman

entry picture



“To do or not to do”, her daily instruction 
I should always obey, to avoid reaction 
She believes I'll remain in a weak construction 
Wants to be retained in her falling section 


Eyes, ears and tongue, three sources to act 
Depending on brain, to judge it in the heart 
She is herself leader, no love in her chart 
“Practical in reality”, She said. This is a fact 



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No Answer

entry picture

No Answer


Either .. or, Neither .. nor. 

Your answer, is one of four 

Always "NO" or "I don't know" 

But in general "I'm not sure" 


Keeping silent is an answer 

Complicates the issues more 

Gaps grow in hearts faster 

To close mainly our main door 


Hiding always simple things 

That I'm really pleased to know 

Same as birds lost the wings 

How to f...

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Into the Woods

entry picture

We were lame and we were young,

Walking in the woods,

While singing our song,

Never in my dreams, felt anything wrong,

Thought you were always coming along,

Do not remember where exactly I lost you,

My eyes searched for you in heavy fog,

I continued my journey amidst the rocks,

Shivered through-out the night,

Darkness was blocking my sight,

Always thought that you wer...

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alonedestinyFatejourneyknight in shining armorlovemannumbShiningsongsunwalkwomanwoods

In a year long

I'll be laughing in the hot sun
When this is all gone
In a year long
This will be my song
I'll  finally feel strong

Today I might ache
But it will not stay
Tomorrow, I'll be okay
And one day, I pray
It'll go forever away

I'll be laughing in the hot sun
When this is all gone
In a year long
This will be my song
I'll finally feel strong

Yesterday was scary
My head tried to hurt ...

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can do thishurtmental healthmental painoptimismoptomisticPainpastpeoplephysical healthphysical painsongstrengthstrongtime healswe got thisyear

Thoughts in a dark room

Light your way with silver blue reflections,
Square shapes give you a sense of connection
That fills a room with all the strangers' faces.
Their vision is what your retina praises.

I look accross the room and see nothing but golden spheres,
Hidden deep inside them is a regular junky's craves and fears.
He sweats, he cries and screams the sound of lust and joy,
His euphoria takes off and h...

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The Garden

I step out

Into that mystic choir

That holds my heart

Where time, standing still,

Moves with the seasons

Quietly changing my world

With its elemental tune

While my song is barely heard:

A contrapuntal whisper

Struggling for harmony


For my land is my chancel

Hymns hum soft on its breezes

And prayer rises in its stillness

In this quiet place of remembrance


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Nocturne/Julia Caroline/Translation in Amharic/Alem Hailu/በምሽት

entry picture

Bird beneath the midnight sky
As on my lonely couch I lie,
I hear thee singing in the dark,
Why sing not I?

No star-gleams meet thy wakeful eye;
No fond mate answers to thy cry;
No other voice, through all the dark,
Makes sweet reply.

Yet never sky-lark soaring high
Where sun-lit clouds rejoicing lie,
Sang as thou singest in the dark,
Not mute as I!

O lone, sweet spirit! tell me why

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the lovers of time

the lovers of time

oh my dear lady 
i do love you
i don't want this to be a cliche
nor a drab love song
i want this to be for you you you
not anybody else

so sing me a song baby
a song of love
about how we met
and what we have
and who we are dear

we are the lovers
the lovers of time
the lovers of time
the lovers of time
how lucky we are
we have this time now
a thing that is...

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charactersfiction projectlovesong

Song Bird.

Like the morning bird
You sing the stars away.

Just like that
My darkness burns to light.

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birddarkenessFun poetry thursday nightlife happinesslightpainsingSong

The Voyager's Song

The Voyager's Song


I see the shoreline,

black and unremarked

sleeping in secret, supine,

an open door, strong

as a broad Yorkshire


weak as rags of sea mist.


Soon I shall fetch upon its sands,

where cold silence reigns

uninvited like the early dawn.


Beside me shall burn,

in isolation and awe,

the last bright flower

of an ancient memory...

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Maria Dominica

Verse 1

The wild winds tear out in the night

As Maria rips the roofs off with all of her might.

Destroying everything she can

Till the people cry out in vain and fright

The rain, then mud it falls and falls

I cannot clear the image out



Gonna take a lot to keep me away from there

There's a lot that 100 men can do

Gonna take some time to make it right again.


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Sinking Ships

entry picture

 One day this boat will be too heavy to float,

And the captain will say his goodbyes.

A song so sad will be sung on that night,

As the crew greets their friendly demise.


      I've run out of ways to diminish the waves you violently push towards my shore.

On my hands and knees. I beg, I say "please".

But the water is climbing up more.


      So for all of the people a...

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Forest Gate Mystery Train (Spoken Word)


I'm on the Forest Gate Mystery Train,
With my burgled geranium eyes.
I'm on the Forest Gate Mystery Train,
Sighing goldfish clock sardine spies.

Spammed atomic; trolleyed marine,
Frost-buckled arms glow margarine,
Slender dolls slalom offside knees,
Capsules backslide into the stalagmite City.

Tutankhamen consortia;
Shoulder-penguins soggy cadge the dappled...

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gonzo poetryhumorhumorous poetryhumourlyricspost rock poetrysatirical poetrysongSuki Spangles

Answer to a Prayer

I was kind of hoping,
That you would come along,
Like the answer to a prayer,
And the music to a song.

Like the kind of thing that happens,
At a special place and time,
That will change our lives forever,
Like a fantasy of mine.

The fantasy was there before,
I ever knew your name,
And now that I have found you,
We will never be the same.

So, pardon, if I look at you,
Forgive me if I s...

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Outer Rims of the Jellosphere

entry picture

Ok, fine, it isn't a poem, but this song is an original composition and performance by my two man art group "The Karma Junkies." Listen and enjoy. :)

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instrumentalkarmakarma junkiesmusicoriginal songsong

Let me Bleed

Blue sea below stormy skies
No one sees bleeding eyes,
Or the pain and the heartache
That keeps me awake
My dreams, all are shattered
My head truely battered 
This pain that I feel.....
Is surely unreal. Surely unreal.
Pierced my armour 
Down goes my shield
Broken defences
Just let me bleed
Just let me bleed
One day you'll regret
The things that you've left.....

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My thoughts on Bolton's NEO:LIVE


Scott Devon and Neoartists have made a friendly, caring, supportive and fun space for poets with the NEO:LIVE event in Bolton. I heartily recommend it. Nat and Paul Blackburn were excellent, well-organised hosts and will be guest poets at the next one in June. I'll be going to cheer them on. 
Bolton is easier to get to from Manchester than Manchester folk might think, a few q...

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boltonguitarneoopen micpaul blackburnpoempoetryscott devonsong


entry picture


The beginning is timid
time has not any limit.
magic movements are slow,
we dance the tango of love.

It's the music of feelings,
bliss and passion revealing,
dance of flight and explosion
of hidden love.

When we part it’s only for a moment
Dance of love will never end, be sure.

The beginning is timid
and it's not so vivid,
then it turns into wild
and grasping dan...

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Oh, My Darling Odessa!

entry picture



Years fly and my love

Always stays in my heart,

Floats with me.

You invite as before,

You cosset even more

Odessa my home.


Anywhere I go I can hear your voice

Your waves ring like the bell

Your trees tales tell

Not in vain you call again

In my heart you will remain

In my heart you will remain.


Oh, Odessa my love, darling c...

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She sings in such hushed vocal tones one second,

then she shatters glass in an attack of tragic beauty the next.

The truths and traumas of life seem so real and painful when her voice glides over them,

after all, isn’t this the life that you and I and her live?

We are all in the same boat on this rough ocean at the mercy of the gale.

If we...

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Setting Moon

entry picture


A winsome voice rose
into the unlit sky
its fingers harped
unwakened dreams

A bare vignette lurched
into the shadows
its claws scraped
unshoed expeditions

An arm is raised high
blurry stars in witness
its blood testifies
unquieted aspirations

A voice rose to the Night.
and formed a melody
its waiting days expired
unsought gem wanes.


Please make your res...

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Every Friday I look like a shit,

Every Friday I look like a shit,

Every Friday I look like a shit,

I loooooooook like a shit.



But every Monday I am like a horn,

But every Monday I am like a horn,

But every Monday I am like a horn,

I aaaaaaaaam like a hoooooooooorn.



I work in the office of intercom,

I work in the office of interco...

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Please, stay with me! (Russian romance)

entry picture

Don't go away, but stay with me!

I'm so delight to be with you.

Your eyes and lips my kisses cover

Don't go away but stay with me.

Your eyes and lips my kisses cover

Don't go away but stay with me!

Please, stay with me!

Please, stay with me!

Don't go away but stay with me!

I love you so much my dear.

I'll tire you with burning kisses,

I'll tire you so tenderly.

I'll tire...

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