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Pixie / Minnie / Asia

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It's a very sad day when a Loved one dies

human or animal we all only have one life

so we gotta live it up for the ones that pass

too the fullest on this earth is what I'm aiming at.

So let's up those downs and make the bad more better.

Even if you're feeling like shit or rained on by bad weather

you can overcome the end of this glitch called living

by cooking up you...

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Anger consumes me

Eats my soul like a cancer

Self inflicted hell

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I love to hate your guts

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To dare is to do,                              I don’t do dares,

So I dare you to,                             Give me a truth,

Whisper to me,                                Honestly, truthfully,

‘I love you’.                                     I don’t love you.

Beauty is,                                        I’ve no beauty,

As beauty does,                          ...

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break uphatenot lovesad

Starved to Death, for Jovonie

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If only I had known

what was happening,

If only I had known

where you lived.


If only I had known,

I would have gone

into your home.

I would have

taken you out.


If only I had known,

I would have taken

you into my home.

I would have fed you.


If ...

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The Falling Down


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The Falling Down

The knives and forks
are crossed on the plates
in the kitchen,

two used cups sit
quietly on the coffee table
by the sofa,

the pots and pans
we used last night swim
in a pool of cold water.

It’s mid-afternoon,
the rain lashes
at the windows,
and outside the birch
tree swings w...

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