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No Time For Mistakes.


I wish I could reach into my head and

Squeeze you from my brain.

Like as if I could leave our little patch of history in a pool by my feet,

And watch memories sweep the floor like tiny sand storms.

I wish I could replace our words with silence,

Our touches with atmosphere,

And our love with repulsion but you ripped my soul from my chest and took it with you,


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Tumbling end over end down the black nothingness of the tunnel, spinning down breaking my bones, bruising my flesh in a violence of movement.

Now, numb with pain I pass out as all my blood drains from my veins to be replaced by ice-cold fear. I’ve never been so afraid, all I want is peace, to rest, to sleep, to die.

My life is taken up by this tunnel, never ending...

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Hard to believe that the seagulls inland are lost.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  How an earth did they end up dozens of miles from the coast?                                         ...

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