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What Angels?

what angels they?


they that always seem

to be looking

the other way

while in absentia

those robed in blight

and grey

of beak pick the bones of

our grief

genuflecting  promises

on the never-never

of a day

after tomorrow that none

will ever see


what angels they?


they that can no longer


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Grieving My Father

I miss your laughter.

I miss your face.

I miss your sweetness, the light of your ways.

I miss the beauty of your honesty, and the loveliness of your grace.

The grandness of your dignity, and the glory in your truth.

The strength that you gave me,

The honor in committment and nobility in life. 

I thank you for showing me God.

The loosing you, cuts like a knife.


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FatherGodGriefHeavenly Fatherloosing someone you lovetransitions

Am I a Son of God?


I am as blessed as bees benefitting from a bounteous bloom.

I am chosen like choosing a caramel from a box of chocolates.

I am holy like the hopping Robin just ahead of me.

I am forgiven as I forgive those who trespass against me.

I am as blameless as my brother’s baby.

I am adopted as an angry teenager whose assaults are acerbic.

I am wise as worries that have wro...

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Mornin' On The Desert

Mornin' on the desert, and the wind is blowin' free,

the elements have freedom,

but what about me?


Trailing from bar to bar

like new age saloons,

why's it so hard

just to find me a home?


I keep on wandering,

wondering where's my milk and honey?

People sippin' on moonshine

or as some call it money.


Mornin' on the desert, and the ...

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the secrets of the salamander - an alchemical misadventure!

The Secrets of the Salamander...

an alchemical misadventure!


Like a phoenix in the flames of forever I frolic, beyond deaths door no longer melancholic!

The gates of the grave behind me long gone, as into labyrinthine lands limp and lost I went on.

No end as conceived of while conscious came to bring a close,

to the chaos that continued all around me with thunderous fo...

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