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The tall oak trees stand strong and powerful around the old churchyard.

The season is winter and there are no leaves on the trees.

Cold touches everything, especially the sheltering rooks in their nests atop

the massive oaks.

These birds have nested here for years, ever since the Brontë sisters lived

and died at Howarth.

I hear the rooks cry and I...

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Someone read my poem

Yesterday. I didn’t like it.

When they had finished,

I told them they had read

It in the wrong way.


I said, ‘it’s not right.’

I said, ‘read it like this;

Someone read my poem,

Yesterday. I didn’t like it.

When they had finished.’


There I stopped. I said,

‘Wait, I’ll try again;

Someone read my...

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hmmm is this about me...





All he ever wanted to do was to improve his life, make a better life for himself and not be a lazy freeloader. Certain people thought he'd never make it; this view rubbed off on him through time and really depressed him. He was determined to show them they were wrong, that he wasn't lazy and could prove something to first himself, then them and finally the world.


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poems from my complete 15yr poem collection (free download for a bit)

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this book is a huge 600pages of mad rampaging stunning poems by nick armbrister, 15yr of work 1996-2011 as hard copy for sale and free download, go get it lol for a short time. a real door stoppers lol.






Scotland, beautiful land, land of the sky, clouds

hugging your m...

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15 yearscollectionfree downloadnick armbristerpoetrywriting

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