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He Didn't Care Too













On the day of her

death he didn't cry.

Everyone said,

"He doesn't care!"


On the day they

laid her to rest

he didn't cry.

Everyone said

"He never loved her!"


On the one month

anniversary of her

death he was

found lying next

to her grave.

An empty bottle of


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Finding the Beauty in Christmas

Mistletoe by candlelight,

love lined Christmas markets,

shopping centres full of happy couples.


Let them have what I do not,

it is theirs.


But what is mine?


My Christmas must come early

if I am to maintain the mirage of the miracle.


I'll line the markets with an illuminating

indigo light

and bathe in the dreams

that will...

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A Small Story about a Small Town














The small town had struggled to survive for years.

In it's heyday it had built a church. It even had an organ

whose pipes shown like silver.  The organist pressed the pedals

as is she were making wine to be served as communion.

The church doubled as a school for a small group of students.

It even h...

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short storySmall townfamily

Battle of Demon's Run

emons run

and heroes fight.


Doctor Doctor,

Red Bull and happy pills...

yet still no wings to take flight.

I'm in a state of spiritual paralysis

dripping out fears in emotional dialysis.


Demons run

and heroes fight.


Take it back to the start as you tear me apart

memories piercing the fabric of my existence.


Demons run


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spiritualityChristianitygodreligiondepressionmental healthlovefamilyrebirth

I See You

I see you
with sensual sense
like the Na'vi.
Hungry for your love
yet I let your absence starve me.
Living on the spiritual sustenance of memory,
Sliced on loose lips
drunk on truth and Hennesy.


I see you
as I raise a glass to the departed...
to my departure from your life.
How can I tell my lover I'll literally travel oceans to be at her bedside
when I...

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cancerlovefamilyfamily poem

MUSTANG poem shortlisted in a comp...

...and will be published in a book called UPLIFTING MOMENTS



Born out of diverging needs and used in battle, american airframe and english merlin engine creating a machine quite unlike any other. At home six miles above the earth protecting silver lumbering B-17s from murderous nazi fighters, down on the deck filling the krauts full of lead dont tell m...

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mustangflightbattlepilotsfamilythe skymemories

-as yet untitled-


outside the window,

an ocean of poppies,

red like denial.


she watched them day-in-day-out,

from sunset to the first shards of sunlight

which crept through their stems

and reflected the underside of their petals.

from this she saw veins, a tiny network of

lines like join-up-the-dots,

a motorway map

thin like emotion.


dadd went to war ...

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poempoetrywarpoetworld war twoworld war 2childrenfamilysoldiers

The Price of Freedom-(extended version)

A ghostly image of a soldier

stood in the background,

as a mother with a babe in her

arms stood by a grave site.


She lowly whispered, "Father

this is your son. Son this is your

father. He gave his life so that

others might live."


Now she is alone, but she

will survive. She will raise

this child without the aid

of others. This child will


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War Poetryfamilystrength

The Price of Freedom

A ghostly image of a soldier

stood in the background,

as a mother with a babe in her

arms stood by a grave site.


She lowly whispered, "Father

this is your son. Son this is your

father. He gave his life so that

others might live."

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Deathfamilymilitarywar poetry

Trilogy of Heroes

My father was a survival expert:

Deserts, swamps, mountains,  jungles.

Hunger and thirst were trials inflicted

To toughen up his men for the real thing.

His signature line was:

The bugs will get you faster than the bullets!

Dad’s harsh regime saved many lives

In World War II combat arenas.

My father was my hero.

During the war

My mother bore h...

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