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You Could Call Me


Who told you that love does not exist?

Who told you that our souls turned into ice?

Who told you that our hearts desist

And love has a certain price?


Your words about love turn into autumn leaves:

Yellow, brown, red, some turned into black.

Your words would like to receive a flack.

But…alack…they are just an attack.


You could call me and if I be...

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One night



Your fingers trickle down my spine

As our warm bodies writhe entwined


Never has there been a feeling like this

Emotions electric past memories remiss

Villainous it maybe, passions soar

Even just once both will crave more

Rousing murmurs bodies aching, sore


Keen desires satiate fantasies base

Now and forever hearts embrace

Only the nigh...

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come live with me

in a chocolate house

with a chocolate cat

and a chocolate mouse

there’s a chocolate garden

and a chocolate path

we’ll drink hot chocolate in our chocolate bath

the roof will be made of Toblerone

the windows made from lollypops

we’ll have a Milky Bar telephone

and a chocolate trolley to take to the shops

we’ll have After Eigh...

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Two in the Rain






two joined, separated
a brother now one
and his brother's friend
a friend that loved
filled that emptiness
that hearth and home
could not mend
one fateful day
their ways crossed
to wayward wend

what tears run streaks
on your redded cheeks
why the furtive pulse
in your eyes it shows

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Your Love


Your love is a beautiful grin,

Your love is a star in my arm,

Your love is a voice of the violin,

It gives my life such a charm.


Your love is a sparkling diamond,

A diamond which do not need polish,

Your love is a beautiful island,

With each day it only flourish.


Your love is a paradise with angels,

It makes me feel always young,

Your lo...

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