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Once in every while

Once in every while

Posted by Wytchewoode on August 19, 2010 at 11:43am View My JotPad at JotSpeak.com


it was so nice to talk to you last night,
I need to hear your smile,
so tender, sweet and light,
not so very often
but once in every while.

once I said 'I'm your man'
you replied how you wishe...

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In Darker Days We Gather


Sombre words and platitudes,
I guess we've heard them all.
In the darker days we gather,
to say our byes and to recall,
the best times we remember,
with those that have now passed, 
with those with whom we laughed.
Another day, another dollar,
another day, yet more dolour.
Merciless time takes it's toll ever more,
though we strive to make the best we ca...

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You know it well that feeling,

hating that you’re leaving.

You’ve GOT to go.


First your inhaled breath teases your lungs, not to be regained

till an ever so minute enlightened spark enflames

your tingling nerves endings.

The ach is unbearable as jealous hands squeeze tight your heart

They the same killers and spillers of poison from cupids dart.

The poison ...

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