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Grains Of Sand

Peer amid the Pyramids
Can you count the grains of sand?
There are more than enough there
to build pathways to a new land.

Cement them all together then
and let's do the same with man,
make the effort to bring strength
and peace that all can understand.

For in the end there will be a need
for peace if mankind is to survive,
as only without these conflicts can
we hope...

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The Word No Is A Long Sentence

for Conscientious Objectors’ Day



‘Ez for war I calls it murder

put under close arrest entered

this place for the word No

is a long sentence six months

hard labour dark as the night


that covers me Did not wear khaki

until forced refusing to be made

into a soldier dragged to the French

coast to make example of Owe

no man anything ente...

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As it is Johns 70th today, here is my tribute poem



John the artist played at a pace that didnt slack
He was a bold young figure, the leader of the pack
Quarried in that Mersey town and crafted into rock
Solid from the outset, his band was hard to knock
More talent than the many other groups that were around
The Beatles got the world to dig their Mersey sound
Apprentice served in ...

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Through Differing Prayers


Nine brave souls on the Irene
sailed to show the world a scene
where not all Jewish voices scream
for a blockade on Gaza's dream
of a future without deprivation
for that tiny short changed nation
No violence was incurred today
but the goods were a token some would say
though tokens from within their own
may gain some votes that could dethrone
those ...

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The living death of those oppressed
should long ago have been addressed
by those that we entrust with power,
their own comforts ensured by the hour.

Now in this world some corrupt schemes
ensure the rich will get their dreams,
while most will perish with naught to show
for all the time they struggled to grow.

Must survi...

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