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Me Myself and I----A Mermaids Song

Jameson  Archers Bells

Gordon's  Captain Morgan  Smirnoff

Guinness  Tia Maria  Baileys

Pernod  Carlsberg and Strongbow


Days made up of these.


Sunny Days

Silk Cut days

Silk Cut nights

Sand between the toes


Blue water

white blue skies

music  disco

Breakfast on the Pier


Days  well made


tailored to suit


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Third Sonnet

The Taliban of Christianity,

Are guardians of our nation’s moral health,

Protecting men from femininity,

They worship pomp, and privilege, and wealth.

They disapprove of how and whom we love,

Deny our civil right to earn a crust,

To work in schools for our Lord above,

Those bigots trample freedom in the dust.

No paedophiles then, in the Church of Rome?

In Opu...

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Second Sonnet

When you behold the shimmering stars at night,

You ask if all that beauty’s in your eyes,

You close them, pensive; here within my sight,

Your form so exquisite provokes my sighs;

That hawthorn flowered path on which we walk,

Has scent that’s just as sweet before we meet,

Those songs without words in each precious thought,

Become enchanting music when you speak,


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A Thousand Oceans

I waken to the grey smear of day

How weary the wait

Chilly chatter mornings

Rolling like debt

Into never ending anywhere shrill

  To fill the longest heat of day


Like a gypsy’s promise

A kiss

Soft upon wetted breeze


The night




The night is familiar

 Like pages

Opening within a cloak of comfort

Wherein ...

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