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Cry Petey, I See Bards Rounding the Bend

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Cry we all toward places unnamed

Rise above the crested hills

Yell we will - shattering door frames

Plundering thoughts of plovered wills

Tear at the wallpaper - reveal the grain

Ink the slate - etched by wound-dipped quills

Crouch, prowl - ready to pounce on game

Brandishing swords, blaring trumpets shrill

Arching backs, phosphorescent wicks aflame

Ridding netted fish o...

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Once-upon-a-time, a barman worshipped the Sun.

Worked nights so didn’t see much of it

but in his head he’d got stories of

the Fire God supreme,

Blaze Lord,

vanquishing monsters who'd eat out your dreams.


He called the Sun ‘Hero’,

believed it had six pairs of arms,

giant wings of flame

and the handsomest nose in the galaxy.

Made moons blush

and g...

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The Cock and Bulldog Inn

This is about those dodgy pubs you often get. The one's where you walk in and everyone drinking turns to look at you. The Jukebox cuts off and a curchbell tolls in the distance. You quickly get a drink and find a booth. You soon come to realise that some of the hardest men in town are in that pub. Maybe you can relate? It's a bit long but just bare with it and tell me what you think.........


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Free downloadable Spoken Word (poetry-reading) EP.

 Hope you enjoy it!


Ray. x

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Reviewing Poetry

It is something that I have been doing now for the best part of 2 years.


At least twice a month an envelope arrives on my doormat addressed to my pseudonym. Right at the moment I see the envelope I find more and more I am breathing a huge sigh (although not of relief). Contained within the unassuming brown packaging could be anything. Of late the contents of these envelopes has tended...

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In his liquor induced stupor
‘Fuck’ was wrote on the wall
In piss, just for a laugh.

Some collectors, on leaving
The latest Banksy exhibition,
Pontificating ferociously about
the disaffection of our youth
In this apparent nihilistic society,
Caught a glimpse and wondered
How much it would cost
To have this pile of
Bricks gently taken down,
And placed in their gallery.

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About Jamaica

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He lights his cigarette, I prepare to share it,

just so his lungs could see less tar. 

He’s in a reflective mood; I can tell by the way
the flame emerged from his lighter
red and tenderly squirmed like a worm in a furnace.

He holds my gaze as the flame faints back in its tank
drags on the cigarette, slowly tilts his head back. 

I ever tell you the story about the mango?

He h...

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Crazy week, 4 gigs in 3 days...

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Gigging this week at

RAW GEMS (30 mins) Zenith Bar, London

BEAT, Peter Parkers Bar Soho, London

Rich Mix with Apples & Snakes & Featuring with  TV Smith at the Poetry Cafe, London

Get in touch if you're in town.

I'll do the poem in the audio attachment here as well as my current 'hit' as here:

Boy Toy


I’m happy to be your plaything

A am your sex toy

It ...

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LondonPerformance Poetspoem


You sever my reason,
shape my feelings with your
steely blades of perception.

You use the twin edges
of measured analysis
and practical application,

to rotate on my axis of impatience,

defining our new existence
with that swinging efficiency
of open / closed action.

You manipulate me
with metal precision,
held in a warm moulded grip.

My paper reality

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