Quaker With a Vengeance

I thought in my mind and thus spake I to I,

'The leviathan his heartbeat is the thunder that resonates in my soul's tempest.

He calls to me as Goliath called to his brother David yet he knows not my Christian name.

I must conquer the behemoth as Cain did Able as natural as we both must breath God's air, until the sinking of my floating bark or I sink the earth.

This, I proclaim, is by my God's guidance for it is through his hands, thrust into the shore's womb, that I was pulled out, and by thus it will be by his will that I am a Quaker with a vengeance!'

[(Quaker with a vengeance - Melville Moby Dick) -   I found this lost in some files from 2012.  I had been reading some Moby Dick and got inspired. 

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Tue 20th Nov 2018 18:09

Thank you!

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Martin Elder

Sun 18th Nov 2018 22:53

I love both the tenor and the use of the words of this poem. It has a style and rhythm all of its own
Nice one

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