My dad is getting old

My dad does many silly things,

But laughter to the community he brings.

He still enjoys things at 74,

He lives at 75 and knocks on their door.


Life for him is slowing down,

Takes much longer to walk to town.

As cake and ice cream speed to his hips,

He's always asking for live longer tips.


Old age my dad constantly fights,

But one morning devoured a bowl of kitty bites.

Vaseline on his toast he did spread,

Thankfully he is still here not dead.


One day he bent down to pull up his socks,

They were not there still in their box.

On another day he went to the dentist to have his teeth whitened,

He took off his clothes ,everyone was frightened.


My dad never argues with my mother,

They're both deaf and never hear each other.

Shopping together is a no win,

Causing check-out holdups trying to recall their pin.


Each year dad finds it harder to make ends meet,

Tying his laces becomes quite a fete.

While twisting his neck to the hospital he was admitted,

"I'm being penalised for a crime I have not commited!"


Dad forgets to change his socks  and has smelly feet,

His past is the only thing that smells sweet.

In dog years he would definitely be dead,

But fortunately still flourishing, grey,wrinkled and a  bald head.







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M.C. Newberry

Wed 4th Mar 2020 16:41

"Boring old farts" of the world unite
You may well face losing your hearing and sight;
But with some things you hear
And what's often on view
There are times when you couldn't care less if you do ! 😉

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Wed 4th Mar 2020 07:45

Dad says he has done it all,
seen it all,heard it all
.but he can't remember.

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