The loneliness of Lucy

No husband or children Lucy lived alone,

Zero text messages at Christmas not even from Vodaphone.

No-one to nest with over the Christmas break,

To pull the crackers and share the cake.


Going to the cinema with automated ticket machines,Lucy felt at ease.

There was no shame in saying,"Just one ticket please."

No food in the fridge,no kids and only two plates,

Nothing in common to entice female mates.


Phone stopped ringing,party nights didn't exist.

A mug full of gin to help her get pissed.

A week after Christmas the new year does loom,

Friend less,family less ,damp days and gloom.


But Lucy got a job at the local K.F.C.

And married a dentist who came in for his tea.


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Sun 1st Mar 2020 22:59

I do love a tail with a happy ending.... This was finger lick'n good.



Sun 1st Mar 2020 15:48

Lucy was a lucky dame
She married a dental guy
In her old age
She can still eat
Whatever she likes
With new teeth coming home
As a present every week

I guess worth the wait
Worth the job at KFC

Hehehe!!!....I liked it.

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