A Goddamn Vacancy

Fabulously I'm undertaking 
This goddamn depression of mine
I could go for a cigarette or two
Haven't smoked in a goddamn week
This is the worst I've been since that night in February

A walking disaster with no purpose to go on
All you bastards with happy minds
Can just go fuck off
I'm done with you bragging about how good life is
So take me in the back and put a bullet like Old Yeller

I'm taking bets against me
How long can I last 
Until this mind gets me
I can't undress a stranger 
With eyes that is only hungry for her

I'm done lying to myself I want you for sex
Don't get me wrong I want you for the little talks to
I have lustful actions just like everyone
I won't act like I'm not human like I'm in the Holy figure

So put the bag around my head
Kiss me like I'm glass
With your lipstick stain to me
I'll die and finally call this heaven

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