Coffee Dreamer

I'm just a coffee dreamer away
I would give anything to just hold your hand and drink
See I've lost every woman that I've ever loved
I can't afford to lose you or I'll lose faith in love
This bleeding romantic might die

This is based off that song that you sent me
I'll finally get the time to write this
I'm just a coffee dreamer away
I'm not going to make it past September
I wish I could come home and you would be there
I know this is selfish of me, I love you 

I'm just a coffee dreamer away 
I want to buy you a house
Put you on a pedestal never stop lifting it higher
I always see the value in your smile
I might be coughing up blood
I'll see you in hell because heaven is too cliche for us

I wish you didn't pick him over me
I get it I'm not interesting and I'm always sad 
Damn I wish I could be everything you wanted and more

The night you cut yourself
I remember walking around 
This little town trying to find you
I couldn't have you being sad
I'm just a coffee dreamer away

I wish I could be in his shoes
He doesn't know how lucky he is to have you
Because you're everything I want and more
I miss your Firefly light

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Tue 3rd Mar 2020 00:43

This might just be my favorite piece of yours. Well done.

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Martin Elder

Mon 2nd Mar 2020 22:14

What a fabulous last line to a fab poem

I miss your firefly light

Nice one Damon

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