Dear you!!

There's just one little fact

It ain't so little s it sounds 

It's really big that astounds

A secret like a Chinese whisper 

The words Circulating forever

Scrabble and word game at play

My only sentence frozen and framed

Love is all i have to speak and say

To feel and be felt in the deepest heart

Till core it rises and sustains

Hey dear You,  my darling and my soul

I love you today and will do so forevermore 

You are my oxygen, my reason to live

You are my dream since my very childhood

As a young lass and may be younger than that

I imagined you, saw you and felt you in every way

Just found you at the right time for right reasons

Now you stay within me forever and always ever

You are my perfect Man and my handsome hero

My knight in shining armour who fought the demons away

Broke my cage and helped me spread my wings to fly away

I look upto you for every love, care and a divine bond

Just say you love me too and crave for me as i do for you

Hey you, dear you, my lovely you

I love you and this is the only truth

Miss you like the desert miss the rain

And wishing to be with you till eternity 

Wish you could read my words and respond

Don't know where you have actually gone

Hiding beneath the skies obscured from my tearful eyes 

Just hoping to have you back so i can live and not just survive

◄ Criss crossed!!

There's something different!! ►


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