There's something different!!

There's something different about this morning 

The chirping birds singing new songs 

Lyrical play at work with melodies heavenly

There's something different about my heart

It's playing a beat anew filled with morning dew

Just a little rhyming is all it needs to make it sound perfect poetry

There's something different about me

The longing differently rising with painful glee 

Surrendered the broken soul before my Almighty God

There's something different about everything around

The blue sky with a purple glow and sun around

With season's changing, spring's right the corner

There's something different about life

It's roller coaster suddenly halts and starts to waltz 

Dancing on a romantic tune of love filled giggles and smile


There's something different 

Can you feel the same

For we are soul entwined 

My world and yours be the same

Do can you feel the difference 

There's something different, different in every way!

I just can't hold my emotions and chain them away

Like a river swift my feelings are flowing from head on to toes

Relating a saga untold with romeo having left the town for long

And juliet sat brooding her pain on branches of the old gate

Now the story takes on a rumbling rafting turn of tale

Unsung lyrics of a woeful ballad written with heart laden pain

Tears now show no shame, like the snow on a Christmas night it slowly rains

There's something about this morning that makes me happy for hours coming along yet sad for still it's too long

◄ Dear you!!

Cos.... ►


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Sat 22nd Feb 2020 16:29

Thanks Donny dear 💋

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Don Matthews

Thu 6th Feb 2020 02:07

I'm glad you're feeling different
Happy with no pain
Rollercoastering through life
Happy (in the main)......

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