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Criss crossed!!

I wish to cry

But tears don't roll by

The pain in my heart resides

Terribly hitting me hard everytime

I think of you and miss you just too much

Will the wait ever end and you be with me forever

This thought lingers and overpowers my emotions

I'm sulking, panting for breath, restless forever I lay on bed

Hurts and pain is what makes my day dull again and again

Heartbroken, lost and dejected I sleep over my frozen feelings every night

My dreams of you are running a neverending race to reach it's destination

Every time I stretch my arms to hug you by, dreams topples and breaks close by

Sobs!!! Is it what was meant for me?

Lost!! Is this why I chased for me?

Lonely!! Is this what my dreams could fetch me?


O Dear God!! Please help and have mercy upon a broken me!

◄ Waiting!! (Tired)

Dear you!! ►


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