Sefton Park

To Sefton Park, I have visited today.
But it was so different in every way!
I bought a coat hanging from a tree.
It didn't fit my friend but it fitted me!

Magically it turned colour once worn.
It was a beautiful coat, cosy and warm.
Trees we then saw in a pair they came.
Record breaking with a strange name.

We had never heard that name before.
Shelter they gave as the rain did pour.
The rain moved on, its time was done.
Gracefully it paved its way for the sun.

We saw an odd football match played.
Thousands watched, but nobody paid.
Floodlights from nowhere switched on.
Like a million moons those lights shone!

A pop star we met, with cash to donate.
He apologised that the money was late!                                                                                                              Then I jumped up to the sound of a bell.
What a strange old day for me and Tel!

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Mike Bartram

Sun 2nd Feb 2020 00:52

Hi...yes it's a lovely park, Liverpools best! Thanks for reading and the likes!

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Thu 30th Jan 2020 21:52

Hi Mike - Sefton Park - memories of my growing up in Merseyside - and your serendipity moment in finding the right coat. Good stuff. P.

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