Images Lost

Images Lost


Images lost but time not forgotten

as I weep inwardly my irrevocable loss

Moments of exhileration and passion

hidden from view behind a curtain

A burning desire for release

amidst emotions of intense love ferment

They remain to this day

I am haunted by love and ever longing

My soul cries for the loss of you

O let me love you eternally

I yearn and hanker for you even as years pass

only you can satiate my wretched heart

What am I to do with this memory

but to languish in images and glimpses of you

I am driven and want only you

the unobtainable for you are held by another

I cry alone in my night of anguish

come to me my love and be my light

I will die with you on my lips

I wear a ring for you till I am dust

it reminds me daily of you

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Paul Sayer

Thu 23rd Jan 2020 20:34

Often losing a soul to death is easier than losing a soul to another, or indeed to no other.

The thoughts of things that we did, or did not do together spend a seemingly disproportion eternity within our minds.

Guilt is the master of the pervasiveness that surrounds and encompasses every moment, consuming our lives, precluding the view of new horizons, thus preventing our endless supply and ability to shear our Love with another.

We can not attribute logic to these thoughts and feelings. Love is far more complex than our finite minds could ever truly comprehend.

Poetry Keith, as you have so eloquently penned here, is a means to allow that Love to flow towards other Souls, who without words such as these, would be bereft of feeling that deeper emotion which you display here with such precision and passion.

Bless you

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keith jeffries

Thu 23rd Jan 2020 19:51


Thank you for this. My mistake as I intended to write ferment and not forment. It was a poem from the depths of my heart for a lost love. A day cannot pass but he is in my thoughts.

Thank you

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Thu 23rd Jan 2020 12:09

Powerful writing Keith. I really felt this one. The pull some souls can maintain on us through the years; it can be staggering.

I was thrown off a little by 'forment' - perhaps my ignorance though?

Thanks for sharing!

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